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Blue Herrings

The Conservatives have been looking for anything to divert attention away from themselves and what some of us are calling the the “Con-Air scandal“, which is of course referring to the Conservatives election scheme of funneling money into and then back out of local campaigns directly back into the national campaign TV ads buy last election – which may have put them 1 million $ + over the legal spending limit, if Elections Canada is correct.

Our first diversion was the “voting by veil” mountain out of a molehill, which the opposition parties unfortunately went along with. The 2nd diversion was then to try and smear the Liberals and Dion by charging they had done questionable spending practices as well. This started on the blogosphere, with Blogging Tory wannabe-sleuth Steve Janke trying to lay the case for it. Jeff over at A BC’er in Toronto was the first to completely destroy that claim, and when the Con. MP’s tried to make the same claim, it appears no one took it seriously in the media either, as Jeff noted today in an update posting.

What I’ll say on this issue is: Go read Jeff’s superb piece – he lays out the case better then anyone as to why this is just a “blue herring”. Next: nice try Steve, but there’s only one party under formal investigation for electioneering wrongdoing, and that’s your party. Furthermore, if Elections Canada had seen anything wrong with what you and your Con. friends have desperately tried to turn into a counter-scandal, they would have already taken action.

Lastly, I suspect there’s more to Janke and company then just going after Dion. I think they’re trying to call Elections Canada objectivity and non-partisanship as a body in question, by claiming they’re acting in a double standard by charging them with election irregularities and not the Liberals. They are desperate to undermine the very integrity of Elections Canada so that the agency’s credibility is questioned sufficiently that it renders their investigation into the Conservative Party as less serious than it really is.

I don’t think that works when the new EC commissioner Marc Maynard is a Stephen Harper picked appointee, and when he gave such a credible principled stand over the veil voting issue. He’s come across as an independent person who follows the laws and rules of the land as they are written. (very appropriate to have a head like him for an independent body like Elections Canada is supposed to be) , and I believe it’s going to be very tough to attack his credibility.

The Cons. may have been successful in stalling the parliamentary probe into their spending for now, but it is not going away. I believe it will be back in a month in some form – be that parliamentary probe or election campaign issue. It is also not going away before the courts, and if the court rules in favour of Election Canada’s position, the can of worms will really have opened, and there wont be anything the Conservatives or their Blogging Tory proxies like Janke can do about it in trying to divert attention from it.


6 comments to Blue Herrings

  • Scarey Conservative

    Speaking of red herrings, how are the bye bye elections going for Borat/Dion in Quebec?
    Going, going, GONE?!

  • Elections Canada is largely an independent body that simply ensures elections are fair.  Harper no doubt has a long standing dislike of them, but I wonder what his alternative is.  Does he want it controlled by the legislature like they do in the United States where corruption in their elections is far more rampant never mind the gerrymandering to favour a certain party.

  • sheilabee

    Further to my earlier comments.  Elections Canada does us proud as we are often requested to assist in elections in many countries because of our integrity in voting practices.  Mr. M. did us proud in standing up for what was right, obeying the rule of law and should not be discredited for his stand.  If the politicians did not get it right, then go back to the table. Bravo Mr. M. We need more like you in the bureaucrat of Canada.

  • sheilabee

    Despite Harper appointing Mr. Maynard, (he had to appoint someone after the former Election person resigned), Harper has a "hate" with Election Canada.  Just read his comments when he was pres. of Nat'l Coaltion group.  He had problems with "donations" in the election which the Cons. finally admitted and had to pay back. And now this. And I think the veil issues was to distract from the overspending on the election.  If all was tic a be boo, then why did they do everything in Commons committee to filibuster so that the committee could not do its work.  So now, it will be carried over, and maybe with a new committee but I don't think any of the Opp. parties are going to let this go away. 

  • w.p.

    Im calling it "The Dangling-Con Election Fraud"When ever I hear the term Election Fraud,I imediately think of the U.S. and their Dangling-Chads!

  • foottothefire

    The meat of the matter really isn't the amount of money or the fraudulent part of the affair.
    The meat of the matter is that Harper once again is big on the talk about honesty and accountability but doesn't hesitate to condone and participate in cheating, lying and defrauding.  Harper's established reputation as an incompetent is something he might be able to survive.  Even cheating now and then might be forgiven but, it's doubtful he can survive the double standard he's layed down.
    Mind you, there may be enough brown shirted hillbillies in Quebec to go along with the brown shirted hillbillies out west to help Steve ride in like a Canadian Milosovec.  

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