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I think we have a winner..

Conservative AdScam just isn’t catchy or original, but Con Air definitely does it for me as a nickname for this growing scandal.


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  • The first and obvious answer to that would be is there a law against what Turner and the Liberal MP's allegedly did?    If there is, and if they supposedly did this, go talk to the relevant authorities Syncro. The 2nd part of that is, obviously there is a law against what the Tories are charged with doing, and Elections Canada obviously believes they broke it.

  • Scott

    All flame wars aside and with all due respect to the percieved credibility of Elections Canada, I will restate my position and questions.

    How is the CPC shuffling of their own money different from Garth Turner and "15 Liberal MP's" shuffling communications budgets different on legal and moral grounds?

    Please enlighten.


  • Syncro: That's the same body, yes.  Separate case however.  As a journalist said in a column not too long ago over this issue, Elections Canada has a high amount of credibility with Canadians.

    I've already stated I won't get drawn into your little blogwar, Syncro. The only reason you're still on this site is because you were at least able to stay on topic, unlike Neo. My thoughts have been made privately to someone  who requested my opinion on the matter, and for now, that's where it will stay.

  • Scott

    This would be the same Elections Canada that determined the anonymity of female voters is allowed on religious grounds despite the fact that is not policy in even the most arcane of ME countries?

    I will grant you this. If the CPC  broke the law….well nail their nuts to the wall. 

    I should clarify, I have never been a member of any political party either federally or provincially.   That said,   I pose the same questions as before.

    Is this any different than the "funny funding" of the Garthacles western tour.

    And finally, bbq's  aside, what is your take on  Cc and his call for protection of his anonymity?


  • neo

    You had your warning Neo. Banning a wing-nut from my site is no skin off of my nose. – Scott

  • Hey Syncrodox,  whether it violates the spirit of the law or violates the actual law is before the court.  If  Elections Canada is refusing the refunds however , they think its a blatant violation, and not just in violation "in spirit". Basically, the Cons cheated, in their opinion, and Elections Canada isn't exactly a partisan body, so "Con Air" is a serious matter, and one that Con. Kool-Aid drinkers will be hard-pressed to dismiss. The holier-then-thou attitude you have on ethics claiming you’re the purity party on that issue will be very satisfying to rub in your faces, both now and during the election campaign

    As for the rest of your screed, I have no interest in that inconsequential matter. You guys are obviously bored over on that side of the blogosphere.

  • Ti-Guy

    And if he doesn't answer, what will you do neo?  Out his next door neighbour? … out 'em all and let God sort them out, eh?

    "Pest" is a cute name for the creepy stalker, by the way.

  • w.p.

    How about "Canadas New Governments New Adscam" …"Conscam"…"Harper-Gate"????

  • neo

    so scott… when i ask if cc's still on your a-list… you're saying you won't  answer… on a technicality?


  • Impolitical: absolutely – substance is more important then the name, but one of my journalist acquaintances said that the scandal  lacked a really good name for it yet  to catch people's attention. (FWIW, she likes the Con Air title).

    As for my "pests",  it's rather telling they won't debate the issue but have to try and get the thread off-topic and into a flamewar on a topic that isnt event remotely related to the original posting.

  • Um, not a lot of feedback here on the scandal naming topic…I'll go with it if it's the consensus.  I'm not so concerned with the name, I'm concerned with the substance of it.

    Btw, it's very impressive when you smack back those pests, way to go…:)

  • Just Some Poor Schmuck

    How about we talk about Harper's "measured response"?  How about we talk about Harper and his sorrow for the Canadian peacekeeper blown out of his unarmed post?  Did you know that soldier's mother is asking questions of Harper, his minions and his allies about why her son was killed?  She's not going to stop.  What will Harper and his minions say to that mother?
    Answer: Not much.  Too bad, so sad.  Shit happens.  But, hard fighting has made Canada's military stronger for it, right?
    Until Harper and his followers answer this mother's questions about how her son was killed , a blogger feeling less than sympathetic is small potatoes.  What?  Only Harper and his followers can tell another mother to suck it up, but a blogger can't?
    Out Harper, and whoever else is helping him cover up this UN post soldier's death.

  • Scott

    Con Air works.  In and out money shuffling that works  within the technicalities of the law but defiles the spirit of the law.

    Nothing new here on the political front.  Pretty much the same as the funding shuffle for Garth's Lost Tory Tour.

    Much smaller scale for the Garthacle, but on the other hand the CPC were spending party monies and not numerous MP's communications budgets intended for constituency use.


    p.s.    I didn't know you and Cc were so close.  Should I be watching for an impassioned plea from yourself to Stephen Taylor for a "minimal level of civility" also?

    Of course "civility" is code for anonymity isn't it?

  • "No wonder Red Tory doesn't think you're that bright a bunch over there."

    How delightful that the chief of the partisan bloggers has now come to refer our entire aggregate in such disrespectful tones. A good example you are setting for your adherents, Mr.Tribe.

  • The topic is about what looks to be illegal Conservative advertising the last election, Neo – keep your little blogwar that no one cares about over at your site.

    This will be your first and last warning on the matter.

  • neo

    "scott says… as per usual a wingnut like yourself"

    so scott, that's a yes?  cc's still on your a-list?


  • neo

    'mike says… "Get over it moron"'

    well, we know mike's okay with it.

    how about you, scott?  is the cynic gonna be a special guest at your next shindig?

  • Well Neo, as per usual a wingnut like yourself can't defend the issue, so red herrings get posted  instead (and poorly posted too, I might add. The ability to use the site properly apparently eludes you as much as giving a straight answer on this issue)

     No wonder Red Tory doesn't think you're that bright a bunch over there.

  • Yes Neo, lets call it "Get over it moron". Catchy, no?


  • neo

    Gee, Scott… how about a catchy slogan for spitting in a grieving mother's face?

    "So, in the interest of diversity of opinion and reconciling all the hurt feelings this matter has precipitated… I thought I'd give them all a chance to defend their <a href=""><i><b>fellow-traveller Canadian Cynic</i></b></a>."

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