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Liberals For MMP Manifesto released.

Just thought I’d briefly mention that Liberals For MMP, the group I’m a part of (I think they flatter me when they say I’m a “founding member”. I got invited to listen in to the group’s musings – Matt Guerin and Kate Holloway are the founding members, if anyone can be called that name properly), released a manifesto yesterday, which generally explains why we are supporting MMP and why we think other Liberals should as well. It also lists a few thoughts on other things, such as what we would like the Ontario Liberal Party to implement for procedures on nominating list candidates, as an example.

There are a couple of things the group put in there that I’m a little wary about, but this isnt binding on anyone – we’re just putting  ideas out there for other Liberals to consider, so I’m ok with that, and I generally like the document overall.

Don’t forget to also read the Questions and Answers column at the site either – some good info there as well. (what I like to call a FAQ sheet – Frequently Asked Questions – but Matt and Kate aren’t as computer-geeky as I am)


6 comments to Liberals For MMP Manifesto released.

  • I think one of the reasons MMP is not higher in the polls is that it is not really understood by many Quebec voters particularly perhaps in rural ridings. It's up to McGuinty to get the word out.

  • I think the once-in-a-lifetime might be overstating it a bit.. but I'd be willing to bet that if it fails to pass, and its below 50%, you won't see any electoral reform for at least a decade if not more.  I'm of the mind that most of those who are against this have little intention of seeing the status quo changed.

  • Oh, sorry about the html coding. I didn't realize you could use the icons.

  • <i>Thanks to Dalton McGuinty, Ontarians have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity on October 10th to vote to modernize our electoral system</i>

    Why 'once-in-a-lifetime'?

    Will Ontario never get another opportunity to vote for a different model of electoral reform?

  • Simple answer – yes.

  • Neale Gifford

    I have but one simple question. Under MMP, would I be able to support my sitting member, a Liberal, but indicate my party preference as Conservative, NDP or other?

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