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The difference between Mulroney and Trudeau – class.

Page 355 in Pierre Trudeau’s book Memoirs:

People often ask me what I think of the years of Mulroney government that followed my time on office. I’m not impartial on the subject, and therefore I’d rather not comment on it. .. It’s in my interest not to set a bad example for the Canadian people by demonstrating any lack of respect for a former prime minister.


6 comments to The difference between Mulroney and Trudeau – class.

  • garhane

    I think Mulroney was a boy who quite literally sang for  his supper  both in his childhood and ever since.  Trudeau never had to worry about that, or much else, in a life that was funded by a hard driving father who was no left wing dilettante, as Trudeau affected to be for quite a while. Trudeau was alone on the stage, after all, and one arrogant son of a bitch., the wily boulevardier. On the other hand, the moment when Mulroney and his wife did a dance step after the end of the great debate on our economy was a moment many will treasure, even if he is second rate.

    What we need now is somebody who knows what to do and is both shrewd and tough but sounds and looks modest, and has a genuine vision for the country.  Rae vanished, Ignatief just permanently tanked, Dion is still fluttering in and out of view: who then?  Unhappily  Harper is so small time that even in being plain mean he has no idea of scale, and we see him repeatedly dissing his local opponents on a foreign stage where the audience never even heard of them, or  him. And as for vision, so soon as Harper finally dumped his former hero Strauss, he had none except a lust for office. Not enough.

    I have no doubt at all that Dion has the qualifications, but he will have to make things happen pretty soon. So will we. And the key question is hanging frozen  in the air like a photograph of Fred Astaire with one foot high:
    out of Afghanistan and into environment (climate) big time.   Or  not.

  • The Globe and Mail editorial this morning concludes that by attacking Trudeau so viciously Mulroney "has damaged only himself."  The bottom line is that Mulroney was, and apparently still is, envious, resentful and angry at Trudeau's panache and effortless success.  I once considered Brian Mulroney a personal friend. But this is beyond the pale.

  • ALW

    Trudeau did indeed have class in this area.  Can't say the same for Chretien though!

  • slg

    Clever yes, but also respectful.  Trudeau had a great respect for leaders of countries.

    Mulroney want so badly to be a big shot like an American president – well, American presidents don't trash each other – they help each other out.  Well, Jimmy Carter has been a little outspoken, but he hasn't totally trashed anyone.

    Mr. Mulroney – to be respected you have to earn it – and quite frankly you haven't.

  • "It’s in my interest not to set a bad example for the Canadian people by demonstrating any lack of respect for a former prime minister."

    I think you're missing the rather humorous irony here. Trudeau was nothing if not clever.

  • […] In the light of Mulroney’s vitriolic diatribes contained in his recently released memoirs, Scott digs up Trudeau’s memoirs and a comment below highlights just how clever Pierre was. […]

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