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Conservative Adscam!

Ok, I’m being a bit dramatic in using that as a title for this blogpost, but I decided I wanted to make sure John Ivison had at least 1 Liberal blogger who he could point to that used that term. In the midst of doing his role as Conservative Party apologist over at the Post, he was telling the world yesterday that “Liberal bloggers” were already suggesting this election overspending controversy the Conservatives find themselves in with Elections Canada was ‘Conservative Adscam’.

As pointed out here yesterday by Dan, a search yesterday on Google showed no blogs at that point had even used that phrase. If you go to Progressive Bloggers and use the internal search, I do find a couple of blogs using that term, but at this point, none of them are formal “Liberal blogs”. In fact, one of them is a prominent NDP blogger using it, but NDP’ers aren’t Liberals, last I checked, so I’ll break the ice and make sure Mr Ivison can point to at least 1 Liberal blogger using that phrase, post-article. (I DO see however one Liberal blogger putting up a contest to come up with a catchy name for this controversy – nowhere in it is “Conservative Adscam” even mentioned – send in your catchy name suggestions to him)

Otherwise, I’m not sure I can add much to the excellent blogging done throughout the progressive blogosphere and in the media (other then Ivison) on this topic, but I will say when you’re seemingly resorting to the old arguments Harper used at the NCC to claim that spending limits are against free speech (as Eugene points out), and you’re using Pierre Poliviere as your spokesperson to try and use that spin as your argument, (someone who has experience in being told you aren’t free to do certain gestures in Parliament, so maybe he really believes the argument that anyone should be allowed to do whatever the heck they want to), it doesn’t bode well for you in winning either the legal argument or in the court of public opinion.

UPDATE: Another good analysis here, and a good question to ask Pierre here.

UPDATE 2: Dan at CalgaryGrit with an excellent analysis here, making the good point that the “they did it first” defence some Tories are trying to use to defend themselves doesn’t cut it.


4 comments to Conservative Adscam!

  • Thx Scott for the link on you post about the Harper Cons Ad-Scam.  I actually posted on this issue August 28, 29 and 30.  I think it is a bigger deal that the Cons would like to believe it is.  I intend to post more on it next week too.

  • slg

    This is confusing isn't it?  Bev Oda had her own little sponsorship scandal and now this new and improved adscam…hmmm?


  • Scarey Conservative

    Nice try, and thanks. The more you remind people of Adscam, the better.
    Of course if you look at the actual facts you will see that this is a manufactured scandal, the 't's were crossed and the 'i's were dotted.

    But what would the truth matter to you? You aren't concerned about Canada, your first, last, and only priority is getting your thieving buddies back in power so they can go back to looting the treasury.
    As a true Liberal,  no amount of lies and deception is too much to achieve your self interested goal.

    But keep Adscam in the public eye for us, sometimes folks tend to forget how sleazy the Libranos really are.
    Thanks again.

  • That was quite a sight to see in the Post, hey?  It's good news that the national media is paying attention to the Progressive Bloggers site.  Very good news. 

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