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Here a rogue, there a rogue..

Everywhere a prorogue

The CBC’s Don Newman reported from Ottawa that the move sets the stage for a non-confidence vote that could trigger an election campaign — a vote and election campaign that could turn on Canada’s commitment in Afghanistan.

I disagree with that strategy. As I’ve said earlier, if I’m the Liberals (or for that matter, the other parties), I think I pick the environment as the issue to make the government fall on.  The Liberals should be ready and willing to bring the government down over non-compliance with the law that requires the government to meet Kyoto and/or refusing to bring back Bill C-30. If the NDP want to pick the Afghanistan issue, I’m fine with that -that’s their issue. We should be going on our issue. At this point, I dont care what brings the Conservatives down – I think its time to put our best foot forward and take our platform and pitch to the people to try and rid of ourselves of this neo-conservative Deceivin’ Stephen-led government.


13 comments to Here a rogue, there a rogue..

  • Scarey Conservative

    Questionable? You mean like getting millions in kickbacks from ad contracts where no work was done?

    As far as the Albertan independence, we feel no kinship with those who practice or condone corruption, the fact that the libs never lost their base in Ontario proves they condone corruption.

    But like I said, keep up your corrupt and sleazy ways, hey, elect Joe Volpe as your next leader if you want, it's all good for me.

  • That's so old-hat SC.. not even your Con. Party will not try that with Dion at the helm (indeed, they've stopped doing so, even in their attack ads). He's got too much integrity.

    As for the rest of your rantings, I will repeat  even your former premier, (your former  Conservative premier I might add) Lougheed says what Alberta is doing is too much too fast. No one wants to punish Alberta – we just want environmental responsibility from "Big Oil"… and Albertans are like every other Canadian in wanting clean air, clean water, and helping to be environmentally responsible.

    Besides, with the revelations out there now that the Conservatives used questionable methods at best with how they spent election money to allow them to spend more then what the legal limit allowed for, you'll be in no position to play your holier then thou attitude on corruption and sleaze. It appears your fallen angels were already practicing the art of being deceitful before they even came to power.

  • Scarey Conservative

    The idea of separation is very low in Alberta now that we have thrown the liberal crooks out of power for now, however there are a lot of people thinking that this is the last try at 'Alberta Wants In', if the libs breeze back into power and Alberta becomes the whipping boy again, the new policy will be 'Alberta Wants out'.
    That's where the money and effort will be directed.
    But as I've said in earlier posts, if Dion gets back in, I don't see a down side for me.
    So go back to your liberal stealing and lying and sleaze.

  • Uh.. this is the same "separatist movement" that got 0.3 % in the last Alberta provincial election Scarey? I think you've been out in the sun too long. 

    And Alberta wouldn't take any such "kicking" from Dion or anyone else. Even former Alberta premier Lougheed says the oilsands are being developed too fast and causing too much damage environmentally in the process. Polls have also shown a large majority of Albertans want the environment to be a priority. 

    Stuff like what you're saying SC, is  nothing but Conservative propaganda designed to scare people or rile them up in Alberta.

  • Scarey Conservative

    Is proroguing parliament a bad thing?
    Dion should pull the glue bottle out of his hair and think back to how Chretien did it four times.

  • Scarey Conservative

    I agree with the peril part, at least if he is idiotic enough to implement Pablo's idiotic bill, which he would have to do.
    The good news is that after Alberta takes a shit kicking from bill 288, the separatist movement will start rolling.
    Think I'm dreaming? I'm almost hoping for a liberal majority.

  • Well, of course it's esy to take pot shots at Liberal leader Stephen Dion from the blues.  Keep right on, baby.  You're making the same mistake that every opponent of Dion has made. They've underestimated him.

           When he came to Ottawa with a back-pack and halting English, even some of the Chretien liberalswrote him off.  Well lo and behold, he became one of Chretien's most powerful ministers.  Then when Paul Martin became P.M., he dumped Dion. The outcry was so strong that Martin had to bring him back in.

         I don't suppose Scarey Conservative gave Dion any chance to win the Liberal leadership.  Neither did most people.  But here he is.

          Keep right on baby.  You won't be the first or the last who has underestimated Stephen Dion to their peril.

  • Scarey Conservative

    Let 'er buck, partner! Let's have an election. How you thieving libs going to pay for one now that you don't have a pipeline to my wallet via Adscam?
    Have you guys been dirty dining and not telling us? "I'll have the brown envelope salad with extra sleaze, please."
    Maybe Joe Volpe's child donors will pull through.
    We'll hear a bunch of puffin, get it, puffin? Anyway, we'll hear a bunch of puffin from Borat, er, Dion about a bunch of crap, then he'll fold.
    "My name ees Dion ant I luv the enwirovment, can I see your breests now?"
    But yes, please, let's have an election.

  • billg

    I've asked this question before, why would any Liberal want to go to an election over the environment or Afghanastan??   It makes no sense.  And the broken promise thing doesnt even matter any more…I'd take it seriously if the entire Lib-Blog backed John Tory…but that aint happening.   Go to an election over Global Warming and the environment and the Cons come up with tv ads that would destroy Mr Dion.   Try to wedge Afghanastan and more tv ads of Mr Dion, Chretien etc etc speaking into microphones about the danger and the necessity of war.   It makes no sense and reminds me of the Reform party.

  • ALW

    It's used "quite regularly" in the Liberal blogosphere, primarily by yourself.  That isn't the same as the real world.

    I don't know how he can break 40 plus promises when all along your crew has been complaining he only ever made 5 in the first place. I guess I'll put this in the "let's have it both ways" category of Liberal criticisms.

  • slg

    ALW – you're reading – Deceivin Stephen has caught on and is used quite regularly.  You just don't want to see.

    Harper has broker approximately "40 plus" promises so far and it's only been 18 months.  

  • ALW

    Psst – I hate to be the one to burst your bubble but "Deceivin' Stephen" isn't really catching on.  I think it's too many syllables, frankly.

  • ALW

    "neo-conservative"!?!? If only.

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