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Why cant we have a holiday-naming contest?

Personally, if you’re going to have a holiday in February, why not just do what some people have been calling the Feds off-and-on to do for the past few years and call it ‘Heritage Day”?

After all, the proposed holiday that the provincial Libs are proposing falls on the same date in Monday that “Heritage Day” falls on. If the Feds won’t officially do it, lets get bold and name it what everyone would be calling it anyhow. I don’t know that I agree with Impolitical that the name “Family Day” appears to be trying to appeal to those social conservatives in the province – on the contrary, I think they’re trying to be too politically correct and politically safe. On the other hand, “Frost Day” isn’t bad, as suggested over there for the reasons given.

About that holiday-naming contest… if we can have a flag design contest for the Canadian flag in the 1960’s, we surely can have a new statutory holiday contest in the 21st century. Put it out to the schools and give a prize to the winner of the new name – the kids will love coming up with something for it (as will adults).


7 comments to Why cant we have a holiday-naming contest?

  • richard

    I vote for "Let's-spend-the-week-end-skiing-in-Quebec Day".  Finally an excuse to get the heck out of ON in Feb!

  • slg

    How about Ontario Day – covers everything.  I certainly don't think it should be named after any politician of any party.  It's for us, not them.

    Whatever – just give the damn day off – it would be appreciated! 

  • Neil, don't give anyone any ideas. LOL.

  • How about "Bill Davis" day.  It would please the Conservatives and would not alienate the Liberals.  Just what McGuinty needs as a vote-getter.

  • slg

    Flag Day IS in February – so why not call it that?  I don't care what it's called – how about February Blues Day, anything – but hey, finally a day off in February.

    I know when the idea of a holiday in Febrary was discussed before (to be called Heritage Day) Mike Harris didn't want – why?  Because big corporations didn't want it – you know, money, money, money.  Corporate Canada didn't want to lose any money by giving their employees a day off.

    How about "Corporate Canada Day"!

  • Pat

    Valentine's Day is near the top of my list.  Better yet, my birthday is in the middle of February.  Flag Day is a thought.

    I just wish we could be like Japan and have a virility day.  We can parade down the cold streets of Ontario wearing our made in Ontario thongs as we worship oversized "packages" carried by 7/8-naked men.  We can even invite families to participate–Happy Family Virility Pride Day!

  • "Family Day" leaves me feeling all icky.  It triggers my spidey sense that usually goes off when the wingers are up to their tricks.  Can't help it.

    I love my family as much as the next person, but being told by the government to celebrate "Family Day" makes me uncomfortable. 

    I'd be OK with the kids getting in on the act.  Maybe we'd end up with "Pizza Day" or "Pet Day"…:)

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