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Speaking of broken promises…

Kind of interesting to see that while Mr. Tory and his PC’s are going to harp about the provincial Ontario Liberal government’s broken promises that they themselves are already breaking a promise right off the bat, and which has already been picked up by the media: John Tory promised he’d not engage in any mudslinging when campaigning, yet right off the bat, that’s what the PC’s and Tory are doing.

I guess when poll numbers go down, all sentiments of noble intentions go right down the drain, eh Mr Tory?

Mini-Update: To some of my Tory friends who are complaining I’m somehow being unfair – it’s not me you should be worrying about. Besides the link I provided in the main piece, other media commentators are also presenting John Tory backtracking on this ‘no negativity’ promise as a fait accompli. When the title of the piece is “Tory goes negative right away”, you know you’ve got problems on that issue.

Update 2: Vicky also picks up on the broken promises that Tory made a couple of times, with some slam-dunk quotes from John Tory himself.


4 comments to Speaking of broken promises…

  • ALW

    Oh, yawn.  John Tory's breaking promises not to be mean!  Oooh, gotcha!  Gold star for you!

    Come on, Scott.  If the MSM is complaining about it, why are you parroting it?  Aren't you supposed to provide all the scoops that the big guys miss?

    In case you were wondering, I am not a big fan of John Tory, but surely there's more for his opponents to bite into than the fact he said he wouldn't be mean, and now he is.  What's it prove?  That he's a promise-breaker…just like Dalton?  So may as well elect Dalton if you're going to have a politician who breaks promises?  Is that the new high standard we should be peddling?

    I don't know what will irk me more about the coming campaign: the wimpy, disjointed policies of the John Tory PCs or the pathetic, silly attacks on Tory by the McGuinty Liberals.  Either way it promises to be a depressing spectacle.

  • Ron

    Scott – thanks for your reply – I read the articles you suggested. CBC, the Toronto Star and TVO are certainly unbiased, responsible sources and clearly likely to give John Tory a reasoned and honest assessment. The "accusation" that an ad is negative naturally allows the author to "accuse" Tory of breaking a promise. My problem is that since the information provided in the ads is factual, the language used is respectful and measured the accusation of negativity is in the eye of the beholder. As for the PC supporters having a lot to worry about with such articles, I do agree with you. Unfortunately, in politics perception is often reality and many will read the articles and come to the same conclusion you did – the facts and the ads themselves become irrelevant. You will probably recall all the fuss about "Iggy" and the "puffins" – another recent case where the press created an issue out of nothing more than their wish to file copy – the context and meaning of his comments were twisted and spun for the most entertainment value – facts, oh them pesky little things! Gotta run but thanks – appreciate the comments.

  • Well Ron.. I think you have far larger things to be worrying about then me influencing opinion over whether Tory has gone negative or not. If you'd bothered to go to that link, you'll see the CBC reporters in the transcript themselves said Tory had gone back on that promise not to "mud-sling".

    As well, if you go here, you'll see TVO's crew is also stating the same thing.. and they quote John Tory in all his breaking promises glory. They also quote Ian Urquhart who also basically states the same thing. So.. you and the PC supporters have a lot more to worry about then little ole' me trying to influence public opinion. The media are stating it well.. and stating it as a fact.

  • Ron

    Scott – I am not sure you have even heard the ads being played on the radio – I read about the negative ads in the Toronto Star and have been hearing about them on the blogs but over the past few days, I have actually been able to hear the ads themselves on the radio he in Ottawa and have to say, I don't find anything objectionable in them at all. Fist, we have the leader of the party doing his own ads vice the Preimer hiding behind his political action group (WorkingFamilies – now lets talk about negative advertisement). Next, everything that Tory says in the ad is factual – you may not like what he is saying, but that doesn't make it a negative ad. Finally, if you have an issue with what is in the ad, or even how it is presented, please post it so we can debate it and others can decide for themselves the basis of your decision that he somehow broke a promise – simply crying that something is bad or this is wrong, without providing reasons, is not helpful to the debate. I can only assume you are trying to infuence opinion despite the facts instead of because of them.

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