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The Conservatives go all-out to avoid having to treat detainees humanely.

I have to hand it to Harper and the Conservatives and Hillier – they’re trying at all costs to argue there’s no reason Canada should make sure detainees are treated like they would be if they were detained in a country with respect for human rights and due process, even if it means hiring someone to help with the case – someone who has a rather spotty record, to say the least:

The Canadian government has hired a controversial international academic to argue that Canada’s military has no obligation to accord Afghan detainees Canadian-style legal rights… Greenwood was the author of a 2002 legal opinion commissioned by the British government entitled The Legality of Using Force Against Iraq. He concluded an invasion was justified by a 1990 UN Security Council resolution and by self-defence if Britain could show the threat of an imminent Iraqi attack. His opinion was reported to be at odds with lawyers in Britain’s own Foreign Office and many other international law experts.

We’re paying this fellow 50 000$ to argue that we don’t need to be assuring legal rights to anyone captured in Aghanistan (ie what caused a flap with the detainees scandal). It also appears the government couldn’t find anyone in their own Justice Dept to argue this. This action alone should tell you what Harper thinks about human rights – and probably gives us a clue as to why he wouldn’t lift a voice to Bush about Khadr in Gunatanamo Bay. He clearly shares Bush’s disdain for human and legal rights.


3 comments to The Conservatives go all-out to avoid having to treat detainees humanely.

  • slg

    C'mon, have the MSM done it's job since Harper's been in? No!.  The CPC supporters are always playing the victim and crying MSM liberal bias – now isn't that a joke.

    Our MSM leave a lot to be desired when reporting on important issues.  Are they afraid of Harper?  We need a really good investigative journalist desparately in this country.


  • Hopefully, MsM picks this up and runs with it. It presents a perfect link to ol’ Mr Do As I Say, Not As I Do in terms of human rights and his track record — ie. as leader of the opposition during the Maher Arar kerfuffle a few years back. The MsM gave him a free ride during the recent exoneration of Arar and allowed him to just shift all blame to the government of the day — which by the way tried to do some due diligence and protect its citizens, but was waylaid by bad info from the cops and a negative nelly opposition.
    Harper and his band of disgruntled middle-aged white men (and uptight, repressed women) virtually had the guy convicted and shipped to some dank hole on their own, due to their love affair with all Republican propoganda.
    But will the MsM do its’ job? One has to wonder these days…

  • Thanks for this, Scott.

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