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Too much knowledge is a dangerous thing..

That seems to be the opinion of Elections Ontario, which as you’ll read here, seems determined to give as little information out to the voters of Ontario as possible with regards to what they will be voting either for or against with regards to electoral reform.

Its unfortunate that it appears some back-room power-brokers are doing their utmost to prevent Ontarions from being as educated as possible on the Electoral Reform Referendum. Voters have the right to be able to make an informed decision, whether that vote is yes or no to the proposed question.

It appalls me that an apparent attempt to stifle the amount of information being given out to the public is taking place. It gives the unfortunate impression that someone has calculated that the less Ontarions know about this, the better. (And opinion polls have shown that there is a marked increase for the proposed MMP electoral system as people get more information about it). I would call on Elections Ontario to make as much information available as possible, and not look as if you want to keep as many people in the dark on this as possible.


12 comments to Too much knowledge is a dangerous thing..

  • Apparently we need three choices for the referendum:

    1) Yes
    2) No
    3) WTF are you talking about?!?

  • I can't think of any referendum where the question has included a "reasoning" for why you should vote yes in it. Can you image the outcry if the PQ sent out government paid for pamphlets before the Referendum explaining to people why they should vote oui for separation?

    It sounds like both the yes and no campaign will do a good job to inform voters. As will the media no doubt.

  • Matt, people also have the right to know why they might oppose the decision of the citizen's assembly.  You seem to be suggesting that the only way to have a fair vote is for everybody to know why they might vote for MMP and nothing else!

  • We have a shot at informing the public indirectly, even when the government fails to do it. If there was ever a reason to write about something on our blogs, this is surely it. We might just win this one, if we have enough people google the issue. Ultimately though we have to convince the media that MMP is better for Ontarians, so that it gets serious TV airtime. The Internet only reaches so many people, but Mansbridge and Robertson rule the news.

  • I think this is all the more reason why we need to keep pushing MMP on our blogs and our personal pages at MySpace or Facebook.   And do what they did in the seventies, tell two friends and hope they tell two friends, and so on ….

  • Jason, once again you skew the issue in favour of your power-obsessed principles.  The Citizens' Assembly was an independent body set up by the government.  It served its mandate and, after objectively examining the current system and all alternatives, determined a change to MMP was needed.  Now the government is refusing to print any more information on the work the Citizens' Assembly did and why they recommended this change, which is the reason we're having this referendum in the first place.  The people have a right to know why MMP is being proposed in the first place, yet the government, with the support of is doing everything it can to ensure Ontarians are not informed on the issue.  Should the government shut down the website of the Citizens' Assembly too to completely choke off every last ounce of information about why we're having this refernendum too?  Is that your next tactic in your campaign of misinformation/non-information at

  • Come on, Scott:

    "Because they are not required to explain to anyone WHY the Ontario Citizens Assembly recommended MMP for Ontario. So the EO is producing no information about why MMP was recommended."

    Why doesn't the pro-MMP campaign do its own work instead of whining when an impartial elections agency doesn't do  it for them?

  • Are you on drugs?  How can you possibly suggest that it would be fair for an impartial body to give only one side of the argument? I would be happy to see two opposing views, but only one on one side?  Get real.

  • Scarey Conservative

    But but, how can this be? The government is your friend and wants to look after you and change your nappies. They should be in charge of everything. We need them opening daycares to raise our children and make every decision for us, including how we pay for our own healthcare.

    The only solution is to create a vast new bureaucracy to investigate these pamphlets from Elections Canada. It will only cost 2 million dollars, same as every other new plan.

  • Perhaps you need to look at your own party Scott. McGuinty hasn't exactly created a conducive environment for Ontarians to learn about the referendum.

  • Jay

    I noticed the same. I received a pamphlet saying to vote in the referendum. It gave the two choices but did not explain what the choices were.

    I have spoken with about 10 people who have no clue what it is all about. I explained it to them and now there are 10 more people for MMP!

    If it is not explained, people will vote for the status quo.

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