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Speaking of polls and some more spin…

I hate to break Cam’s bubble here, but today’s poll shows the provincial Liberals going UP, not down.

Regrettably for me as a social liberal values person, it’s because of the school funding issue where the pickup has occurred. However, we can’t always be one-issue people, and overall, I’d much prefer Dalton to have another mandate then have John Tory’s recycled Mike Harris party of PC’s back in, who by the way is getting mad because his proposed 1.5 billion $ decrease in government spending is getting called for what it would end up doing – service reductions – though Mr. Tory prefers to call it “efficiencies”. Right.

UPDATE: Apologies to Cam for not including the link to the poll in question in the original post – I was a tad rushed when posting this; had to leave to go visit my brother’s (where I’m updating this post off his wireless laptop):

The Liberals are now at 42-per-cent support compared to 35 per cent for the Tories, according to the poll, conducted exclusively for CanWest News Service and Global Television. That represents a four-point change from the last Ipsos poll released one week ago when the Tories trailed the Liberals by just three points.


5 comments to Speaking of polls and some more spin…

  • Thanks Scott…  I think that puts both of our comments into better context when we were talking about different polls at different dates..

  • Cam: apologies for not remembering to include the link – fixed and updated the post.

  • KC

    To expand on my thought–if both secularism and equality are "socially liberal" values the true "social liberals" are those of us who want to do away with all funding for religious schools.  Both those who share Scott/Tory's view and McGuinty's view are ignoring one or the other fundamentally "social liberal" value.   

    For the time being I would vote for McGuinty because 1) it provides more hope that eventually there will be both secularism and equality in public school funding in Ontario and 2) there are other issues out there to be voting on.

  • KC

    I always thought a secular state was a key aspect of social liberalism.  The socially liberal position is no funding for religious schools.

  • Scott… I provided a link to the polling in the Globe and Mail from last week, which is not spin. So I must respectfully ask, where is the link to this polling that shows that the Ontario Liberals are up provincially this week? Some might consider that to be spinning. I'm not trying to point a finger or anything like that, but I think it's just fair to back that up with the cited information because I haven't seen that polling today, and would be quite interested in seeing it. 

    But I must agree with you on Mr. Tory. His off-the-handle comments on "efficiencies" was quite the tell-tale sign about how his message is going over with Ontarians. He's trying to use the old Harris divide and conquer methods, showing more by the day how much he is like Mr. Harris.

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