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Mock outrage.

I said I wasn’t probably posting on here till Sunday unless I saw something that riled me up. Well, something has.

If you were to consider yourself an investigative blogger trying to delve deeper into a story, there are several options you could choose to do right now. You could investigate the Conservative campaign funding issue and see just how many MP’s and candidates were involved in this potentially embarrassing story for the CPC if they’re ruled in the courts to have violated election laws; you could investigate the Surete De Quebec police admitting to have planted agent provocateurs in the protesters at Montebello; you might even take a look at the Camp Okutta video from Warchild Canada and look into the ways children around the world are forced into becoming child soldiers.

Or, you could be like one supposed Blogging Tory sleuth, completely ignore all those and instead rant and rave over whether appropriate safety measures were taken into account in the making of the video, and continue to do so even after you’ve been contacted by the organization and assured all safety measures were in place, and that the gunfire and explosions were CGI animated. (Note: I wont link directly to the blog in question to get it more traffic; I’m linking instead to Red Tory’s withering blogposts on the attempt to make a mountain out of a molehill).

It wouldn’t happen to be a matter of trying to discredit the organization and by extension the President of the organization merely because Dr. Hoskins is a high-profile Liberal candidate running against Diane Finley, now would it? Would I be paranoid in being suspicious of a Blogging Tory masking a partisan attack and suspect a bit of serving self-interest behind what seems a silly exercise on his part?

I do look forward to the expose on the other issues however. I’m sure those will be got on with equal fervor and zeal once this non-event dies out 🙄


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