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A depiction of what child soldiers have to go through: Camp Okutta

A reader of mine sent me this Youtube link showing a video on something called Camp Okutta. He called it bizarre:

It certainly IS bizarre. However, it is depicting what kind of training child soldiers are put through when they are forced into combat duty, and that is even more bizarre, that we as a society and a supposedly “civilized” one tolerate it. How do I know that this video is a depiction of what’s going on? Well, Camp Okutta has a website, and if you click on the “Where is Camp Okutta?” at their main page, it will take you to a link that shows this website is maintained by War Child Canada, which is running the site to promote awareness of the issue. It’s a well-done website.

War Child Canada, by the way, has for its president Dr Eric Hoskins, who is running as the Liberal candidate in Haldimand-Norfolk against Diane Finley. There is a Facebook group run by yours truly that supports Dr Eric Hoskins as a candidate; that can be found here. It is for efforts like War Child Canada and other causes Dr Hoskins believes in, and how involved he is supporting those causes, that I believe makes him worthy of support, and will make a better representative for Haldimand-Norfolk then what Diane Finley has shown (or not shown) so far.

UPDATE: Dave over at The Galloping Beaver discusses the video.


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