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Chuck Strahl – Conflict resolution facilitator?

Oh boy, I loved this quote from Chuck Strahl after he spoke to Native groups:

“There was a good exchange of ideas and we’ll be back again soon,” Mr. Strahl said. “Obviously, a good list of questions, but by working together, sitting down together, that’s how you solve them. I was here today to start that and we’ll continue as we go ahead.”

Yea, and that’s EXACTLY the approach you took with the Canadian Wheat Board, right Chuckie? Please.. does he think we all have collective amnesia here? The Native groups certainly don’t:

Mr. Mercredi said he was concerned by Mr. Strahl’s heavy-handed dealings with the Canadian Wheat Board, and was surprised that he ignored several of the most important issues facing natives in Canada.

They also haven’t forgotten all the rather disparaging things Strahl has been quoted over the years as saying with regards to treaties with the Natives and in general. Nice attempt at spin though by the Chuckmeister. Unfortunately for him, quotes in newspapers and articles tend to be easily retrieved or found. I don’t know that he’s going to be another Gordon O’Connor type of minister (that being incompetent, if you were wondering), but pardon my skepticism that anything productive will get done.


4 comments to Chuck Strahl – Conflict resolution facilitator?

  • Yo Scott, would you say that Prentice was a good indian affairs minister?

  • I have a rough idea what happened.  When the C's were elected they through out some major hype about how Prentice was the absolute end all silver bullet to solve all aboriginal problems. At some point they figured out that the native leaders were not buying into the smoke and mirrors so they stopped trying and moved on.  Putting Strahl in that position is just sending a message, and its not a nice one.

  • Oldschool

    In the light of the many millions spent by an Indian tribe on vacations etc. during the Lib watch . . . of course the money didn’t matter to the libs . . . it wasn’t their money . . . it was mine!!!
    The native file has been misshandled by libs for most of the last 100 years . . . so anything anyone does today would be a step in the right direction. Time to get rid of Canada’s Appartheid Indian Affairs . . . teach these folks about personal responsibility, ambition, hard work and competing. I know those are not liberal traits, so you will be against this. But 10 Billion sink hole every year into the native file is plain nuts!!!
    How about those crazy libs at Montbello . . . so radical, so out of control. Is this what lefties call “Intelectual Debate”?

  • Would you say that Prentice was a good indian affairs minister?

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