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Harper hopes Canadians don’t read the Washington Post.

.. or enough of them anyhow to make a difference, else they’d cringe:

“It’s not necessarily sexy stuff, but it’s essential to our security. It has to be done,” said Roger Noriega, Bush’s former assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs. “And it just so happens that Mexico and Canada have renewed themselves with the election of two right-of-center leaders who see the world a lot like Bush does.”

I doubt Harper wins too many votes pushing that to Canadians in an election campaign, that he’s a follower of his American Idol’s views on the world. I think I’m going to keep that quote for future use.


6 comments to Harper hopes Canadians don’t read the Washington Post.

  • kursk

    I would say Jan. 23 2006 was the best by date of 'scary Harper stories'

    I suppose we will have to wait for Paul Martin's take on the whole 'secret' proceedings, now taking place in Quebec…. perhaps he can divulge Dions deep throat…..

  • Jason Townsend

    The Post is certainly important to politically literate Canadians; but I'm not sure that the sort of Canadians that are reading the Post are really going to have a more negative impression of Harper simply because of a comment from a low-grade Bushite that he's a like-minded ally. 

    On the one hand perhaps blogging up such details is useful; after all, there is a certain public sphere amnesia about Harper's dubious statements in the past, NCC credentials, and various other genuine "Scary Harper" factoids.  But then again, seizing on fairly inoccuous stuff like this might contribute more to scary-harper-fatigue than it does to an actual perception of Harper as scary.

    Not really being critical, just throwing that idea out.

  • wilson61

    Doubt that too many Canadians read the Washington Post,  but surely the LibLuv'n msm will scoop the Bush=Harper quote,  and we can read all about it tomorrow.
    Has Dion provided proof about the 'secret meetings' yet?
    I hear that the 3 Amigos will have secret meetings tomorrow in Montreal. 
    Lizzy May and thousands of protestors are not allowed in,  so it's a secret.  Hopefully Dion's 'source' has disguised herself  to get into the secret meetings and then Dion will be told all.!!
    Sure hope the Premiers don't find out about Harper selling their water to Bush,  they get a bit nasty when their natural resources are fooled with.

  • Roger Noriega is such an opinion mover in Canada.

    Won't Bush be gone soon? However will you unoriginally criticize Harper then?

  • So.

    Does this mean that Mr. Harper sees the world through shrub coloured glasses?


  • ahhh.. the 3 Amigos….  I liked that movie… oh wait, yeah… these 3 amigos are not funny, unless George W. gets to speak all the time, because then you'd get a few pearls of Texas Wisedom.

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