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Dion in my neck of the woods on Monday.

Not too often is Chatham-Kent and the surrounding area the centre of any major political activity. That changes Monday when Stephane Dion makes a visit to the area. In the Chatham-Kent area specifically, he will be talking with farmers and farm groups. He’ll be meeting in closed session with the farmers/farm groups Monday morning, looking at some test plots down near Chatham at Hwy 2, and then coming north to a farm just south of Wallaceburg around 2pm for a rally. He’ll be joined by the regional Liberal candidates of the area at probably both events, and hopefully a few other Liberals from farther afield to listen to the farmer’s concerns. (If you’re interested in attending, write me, and i’ll pass along the details and who to contact).

This is an area that was rather lean of Liberals after the last election, and it will be a tough nut to crack again this election as the rural ridings have a tinge of social conservatism to them. That being said, its reasonable to say the farmers of this area and in other parts of Southwestern Ontario aren’t exactly overjoyed with Canada’s New’ish government, so they will be presenting their case to Dion and no doubt hoping to hear some specifics of what he would do to help farmers in general and farmers in this area specifically.

Having grown up in a rural farming area, I know farmers are generally fair-minded. If Dion and the Liberals can show some commitment and show something beyond sympathetic words to helping farming areas out with their various struggles at maintaining a livelihood, they might be willing to give him and the party a shot and return the farming vote to Red.  Here’s an interview that Dion did with the London Free Press talking a bit about the visit and the public’s seemingly improving perception of him as Liberal leader here.

Oh… and needless to say, I’ll try and get out to one of the rallies, if I can. I’ll blog the event if I’m able to.


2 comments to Dion in my neck of the woods on Monday.

  • Joe

    Ditto Knb's comments.
    Wish there was some way for you to speak with him.  You have  a lot of wisdom and make excellent observations, Scott.

  • knb

    I hope you make it and look forward to your blogging.

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