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Words can come back to haunt you..

I just had to do this as a followup to the last post. Ted of Cerberus in email reminded me of this memorable quote that Harper gave to Dion in Question Period during the Afghanistan detainees scandal:

“When the leader of the opposition is able to stand in uniform and serve his country, then I’ll care about his opinion of the performance of the (minister).”

Apparently, that means Harper isn’t going to care one whit about MacKay’s opinion on his own department, since to my knowledge MacKay hasnt served his country in uniform either. Denis Coderre, the Liberal Opposition critic, to his credit also remembered that, and pointed that lovely Harper quote out on Mike Duffy’s show today.

When Harper gets mad and lets his temper get the better of him, he often says stuff which he will regret later on. The infamous “Martin and Liberals supports child pornography” claim by his election staffers in the 2005 campaign and his heated defense of it is one such instance. This was another. If the opposition can keep getting under Harper’s skin, he’s bound to blow up and say stuff he and his party will later regret and make him look bad to the public (hence the reason, I think, that his “Best PM” rating has slipped amongst the public in the past 3 months according to the SES poll that I’ve already talked about here).


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