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My thoughts on the impending Cabinet Shuffle.

…I don’t care,  it’s same old same old.

Or let me re-phrase that – its old faces in new positions. We might get 1 new face perhaps… but I wont be shocked if we don’t. All of this is basically political posturing trying to convince Canadians there will be a fresh start in the Fall (again, a bit hard to say that when all you’re doing is shuffling the same deck).  It isnt going to matter anyhow; Harper is going to remain the face of this government, and his Cabinet will meekly follow like sheep and parrot what they are told to by Sandra Buckler and the PMO. Harper’s still going to be the all-but-in-name President of Canada:

Barry Kay, a political science professor at Sir Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ont., said he doubts the shuffle will make a big splash in the polls. Shuffles aren’t as important as they used to be because of what he calls the “presidentialization” of the Canadian political system. “The prime minister has pretty much come to predominate cabinet,” he said. “The cabinet ministers don’t matter so much anymore. They don’t matter so much in policy and this is certainly true of Harper.

The bottom line is, this will remain a one-man Government led by Harper. A Cabinet Shuffle is nothing but something for the media to have something to do during the summer in Ottawa.


2 comments to My thoughts on the impending Cabinet Shuffle.

  • slg

    Harper's shuffle will be about vote-buying – talent is not required because Harper is in "control".

    Paul Wells has an interesting take today in his blog when writing about Karl Rove – if you read the link he provides and his closing comment – it's frightening.  Harper's tactic is essentially Rove's tactics.


  • garhane

    We are leaving Afghan land but are required to do it the Canadian way, so we will have muddle. Harper waits so long to dump the Defence minister that a general struts out front thinking he can say as he pleases, so now the question is do they fire the Minister, the General, both, neither. And the next step in muddle is, of course, another Cabinet shuffle (no kidding , it is a minority government and this is the 2nd shuffle…there was one 7 months ago). But how do we make this special and ceremonial, and definitely not muddle? Why we have a sort of funeral with each Minister seen walking soberly up to that place and knocking on the door, and later leaving looking even more sober.

    Only one more step is needed for this part of the muddle, they will foget to fire the current Defence Minister and in a few days the General will speak up again. I think that is it, after tomorrow the Minister will still be there. We can’t have him pulling the new plane into town with a big rope on Monday and fire him on Tuesday, can we? Maybe they will keep him in Ottawa and the General in Kandahar.Then the lady from Senlis can explain to the General how they should buy the poppy harvest (instead of killing farmers) and use it for making medecine.

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