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“The unofficial Information minister”

I’m not going to take a run at Stephen Taylor with this blogpost as some have done (though I have to admit, Jurist’s sarcastic tag of him mentioned in the title was pretty amusing), but I’ll say this: my thought is I’m going to take Jeff’s suggestion that Harper can save the taxpayers some money by cutting the PMO communications staff since they dont seem to be doing communicating very well a step further and tell him to hire Taylor. It doesn’t say much for the communications people when I’ve read more about what may be going on in the government at Stephen’s site then what the PMO Comm. staff have (or haven’t) released to the public and the media – seemingly more of that obsession with not letting the media get a leg up on them, or something.

Just officially release your news through Taylor’s site – it will save a bunch of money and I’m sure Stephen wouldn’t mind getting paid for what he unofficially does now.


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    Taylor's information…

    Sorry Anonymous.. the comment was amusing, but I stick to my policy that all people who wish to leave stuff here need to leave a valid email address. The handle can be whatever – but thats a policy I’ve had since the beginning of this blog and I’m not changing it now even if I agree with what you said. – Scott

  • You're linking to a s blogpost that calls Stephen Taylor a "gauleiter" and compares him to Joseph Goebbels? Come on, Scott.

  • Like Baghdad Bob?

    Ottawa Stephen?

    He he he

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