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$10.10 to help Ontario become more democratic on 10/10

I saw this post over at Mark Greenan’s blogsite yesterday and thought I’d highlight it . When Mark isn’t blogging, he works for Fair Vote Canada, one of the main organizations supporting the MMP electoral reform in Ontario. This is not some lavishly funded campaign – it really depends on small donations from the netroots/grassroots, and Mark makes that point here:

The Vote for MMP campaign is a grassroots, largely volunteer based campaign and is supported by small donations from supporters of democracy – like my readers. If we are going to win the campaign for better democracy in Ontario, we’re going to need the resources to counter the spin and misinformation and reach out to the 70% of Ontarians who don’t know about the referendum. That’s why I’m calling on all my readers who are fed up with politics-as-usual to dig into their pockets and make a small donation to the Vote for MMP campaign.

Mark then comes up with a neat challenge: donate $10.10 as a nod toward the date of the referendum where Ontario voters have the opportunity to reform their voting system to make it more proportional, more representative of the voters will, and more democratic.

There has not been a lot of opportunity in Canada for those in what is known as “the netroots” to use the power of their combined small donations to wield as a political force as what we’ve seen happening down in the US at Daily Kos and so on, but this referendum affords us that chance to do so by giving a small amount to the Vote For MMP campaign. If you’re an MMP supporter, I hope you’ll consider it.

UPDATE: The link to go donate $10.10 -or whatever amount you choose – is here

UPDATE 2: Some other blogs endorse the 10.10 call here and here

UPDATE 3: Another endorsement of MMP and 10.10 for 10/10 here 


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