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Is Bev Oda gone? Can the Conservatives pick anyone worse?

If this op-ed comes true, and Bev Oda is one of the Cabinet Ministers canned or “shuffled” by Harper out of the Heritage Ministry, I certainly won’t be crying over her departure. At the last election, Progressive Bloggers was calling on both her and Sam Bulte to be defeated or not elected because of their stances on the copyright issue and because of the lobbyists from those groups they seemed to have support from. We were 1 for 2 in that regard.

I don’t need to go over how terrible Oda has been since she became the minister – the op-ed does a fine job of that. What’s interesting is the speculation that it may be a Quebec-based MP who gets the culture job – apparently that’s a potential voter getter. We’ll see – but the better potential voter-getter is someone who actually cares about heritage and culture; not sure there are many in the Conservatives who can claim that.


4 comments to Is Bev Oda gone? Can the Conservatives pick anyone worse?

  • mushroom


    You called this success?  Yes, Bev did this because there is more money available inside the kitty.

    Wake me up if you guys decide to do something more ideologue ie. cut funding to a super-department that is known to be quite fat.  In this regard, Bernier is better in this regard.

  • "Oda has managed to quietly deliver more in real dollars to the Canada Council than the Liberals: a lump-sum infusion of $50-million, and last month's commitment of a $30-million annual top-up to maintain the Council at its current level of $180-million a year."

    Everyone together with Scott: "Doh!"

  • mushroom

    I prefer Guergis over Bernier and Kenney, the two frontrunners.  However, she is a lightweight compared to the other two.

    Bernier may have the gumption of privatizing the CBC.  Kenney may use the Heritage and portfolio as a means to swing policy towards the social conservatives.

  • slg

    They are talking about Miss "Mock" Outrage (Helena Guergis) moving up.  First of all, if she does we'll have to listen to that sickly little girl voice – ugh.

    Blogger: "CastorRouge" has an interesting article on her and her family scandal dated August 1, 2007.

    Again, please – I can't take Miss Goody Goody's little girl voice. 

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