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Back from the Nation’s Capital

(Edit: Aug 6/08, 6:21pm – New pictures posted at the link eventually listed in the blogpiece  below- st)

Well, it was sunny and bright and clear in Ottawa at noon when I left yesterday. 9 hrs of train rides, 1 2 hr stopover, 2 combined delays of 90 mins and 1 20 min taxi ride later, I’m back at home where it was very very rainy, and still is this AM.

That being said, it was a very nice weekend and a successful one. I’ve already mentioned the Friday night Darcy Mcgee’s thing. On Saturday afternoon, we held our outdoor BBQ at Britannia Park. We shared the park with the local Muslim association picnic, which meant there were a lot of people there. but it’s a big park, and we were able to find a central location that was fairly quiet, and fairly noticeable, and which most people (Mike of Rational Reasons excepted πŸ™‚ ) were able to find at some point.

Guests in attendance who wandered in:

Myself, John Baglow of Dawg’s Blawg, Jason Cherniak, Quito Maggi of the same named blog, Jeff Jedras of A BC’er in Toronto, Mike Greenan of Blogging For Democracy (and who works for Fair Vote Canada), and his girlfriend Camille Labchuk; Elizabeth May’s press secretary, Evan Hughes of Pie Palace, James Bowie of Bowie’s blog, Leo Bourdon of La ruche, Vicky Plouffe of Presenting The World, “Cdn Tar Heel” from Colby File, Rachel Decoste of La Diva Rachel, Jeff from Edgewater Views.

A very nice crowd for a holiday weekend. I’ve not posted all the pictures yet that we took, but of the ones I’ve received so far, they’re located here. I’ll post the others when the various people who took them send them to me.

That evening, after trying to figure out where to go out to continue the discussion after the BBQ, Vicky, who works at the hotel where I was staying, managed to get my room upgraded for free to a virtual boardroom which had all the amenities. We continued to chat there til later that night, when most of our group went out on the town (I was too tired to go – I had to get up early in the AM), but I was briefly joined by James, who brought along a friend who wanted to say hello – Kady O’Malley, who blogs at Maclean’s under the title “Inside the Beltway”. I’d actually briefly met her at the Liberal Convention in December, when visiting ‘the blogroom’ apparently was a media fascination. I remember because Kady and her companion noted (grumbled? πŸ˜‰ ) we were getting better food and drinks served to us then the media. Anyhow, I shared a glass of wine with them and had a nice chitchat before sending them along to where the rest of Prog Bloggers were making merry.

I’d like to thank a few people – John Baglow of Dawg’s Blawg (and a Prog Blog moderator) for letting me stay at his place the first night, Jeff Jedras, who had a bit of a homecoming since he went to school at Carleton here, for preventing me from getting lost on the Ottawa Metro, and Vicky and Leo for obviously helping out with the hotel accommodations and to Leo for helping me to get back to Via Rail in Ottawa on time. I’d also like to thank ALL the bloggers for taking time out of their weekend (and a long weekend at that) to attend both the Friday night Darcy’s thing and the Sat. BBQ.

As I said, I’ll post more pictures when they become available at the above link.


6 comments to Back from the Nation’s Capital

  • Heh.. it sounds like you weren't even LOOKING in the right spot anyhow.. so my putting up a sign wouldnt have done any good in your case, because if you'd looked at the area where we were when you were driving past on your way to the main parking lot where the Muslim association bazzaar was.. I've no idea how you couldn't have spotted us. it appears you didn't look in the only part of the park where we happened to be.

  • Sounds good.

    And I'll admit to screwing up by not bringing your cell number if you admit that perhaps putting up a sign might have been a good idea…

  • I've already got a standing invite from Vicky that her new condo, furnished with probably a new barroom by that time, would be available to us if we hold one in Ottawa next year

  • Ok so I didn't have your number on me when I got there…

    Ah well, next year lets have it at someone's backyard or perhaps a smaller park….glad you guys had fun. I can't wait to see the other pictures…

  • Um.. again.. all I have to say is.. cellphone. πŸ™‚

  • Ah well, maybe next year….I still got to have a nice picnic with the kids.

    Try dragging 3 kids through that park and see how noticeable you guys were. A sign, my kingdom for a sign – "Progressive Bloggers Picnic ->"


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