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You know your blog has hit the big-time…

…when its found that some federal government departments are apparently banning your blog from being accessed at their offices or their sites. Apparently, the specific one is Agriculture Canada, which obviously under the Tories isnt happy their edict on The Wheat Board got overturned in Federal Court a couple of days ago.

That’s a badge of honour, folks, getting banned.. Congrats on being noticed as a subversive 😉

Seriously though, I’d like those same civil servants who advised Dave over at Galloping Beaver that several progressive blogging sites or Liberal blogging sites that weren’t banned 2 weeks ago but now are would go and check if they can access some of the more popular right-wing conservative sites. If this is a total blogging ban on all blogs, then I don’t particularly have an issue – its probably one of those “prevent workers from being less productive on work hours” thing. If the right-wing blogs CAN be accessed however, and its a targeted blog ban, then this smacks of nothing but censorship.

And, if that’s the case, you’re just seeing another pattern with Canada’s “New-ish” Government: the banning of progressive and Liberal blogs that are against the Conservative Government’s message, using the RCMP as political police to illegally bar the media from a public place – all in an effort to filter and control the message that they want to give out, and not allow dissenting points of view to interfere with their propaganda.

Reminds me a bit of the thought police of George Orwell’s 1984.

By the way, if said public servants find out they can still access conservative-sympathetic or rightwing blogs, I think a stink needs to be made to the media about this.


5 comments to You know your blog has hit the big-time…

  • Scott, keep a wary eye open for hits from the mounties on your counter. They could declare your site to be a security risk and then where would you be?

  • Well if it turns out to be something, be sure to contact the media.  This fits in perfectly with the contorling the message storyline line.  

  • Bread and Roses is a WordPress blog, and its banned as well.. though I dont know if its through the same Dept or not.

    Still… should be easy enough to find out, eh? Type in a few URL's of conservative blogspot based blogs.. and if they all show they're restricted.. we probably as I said have a dead issue.

  • Galloping Beaver, Calgary Grit and BigCityLiberal are all hosted on Blogspot/Blogger.

    Maybe that government department blocked the Blogspot/Blogger site in general?

  • slg

    I'm sure most of these people have computers at home.  I'll be they'll tune in out of curiousity – I know I would.

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