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Hungry rats fighting over a stale piece of cheese

You know, rather then nations acting so 19th century-like over the North Pole in coming up with rival claims over whether they have sovereignty over the place or not (and this isnt due to claiming a few chucks of ice, it’s to try and secure access to the one place where natural resources haven’t been exploited yet), I wish they could actually co-operate to make sure there still is a North Pole in a few generations (meaning for example to try to focus on making sure the polar ice-cap is still there and not melted due to global warming).

In fact, I think the best thing the world can do for the top of the North Pole is to do the same thing with it as they did with the Antarctic long ago – declare it neutral and allow access to all nations interested in research and scientific studies and so on.

But that’s me being a dreamy idealist.


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