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A new TV station for the Blogging Tories and related conservatives.

I’m pleased to see Bell catering to our conservative crowd in Canada out there:

TV for babies? You’d better believe of last week…thanks to the launch of a 24-hour commercial-free channel aimed exclusively at infants and toddlers. Called BabyFirstTV, it is being offered for a free, limited trial period for subscribers of Bell ExpressVu Digital TV…plenty of footage of real babies.

With all the whining and crying that crowd does on a daily basis, this channel should be a big hit amongst them. :mrgreen:


16 comments to A new TV station for the Blogging Tories and related conservatives.

  • Poor kid, whoever he or she will be. I'd have hated to be dropped unwittingly into a social experiment while still an infant.

  • Abstinence campaigns are never gonna work. Never did. Never will.

    Good thing.

  • Jay

    Thanks for the congrats but the entire rocess will probably take months to a year , maybe more, of course with no guarentees of anything.

    As for so-con freaks, they can kiss my ass. I ain't doing anything illegal.

    Actually I am probably helping with the mess left by so-cons from their highly successful abstinence campaigns.

  • Whooee! Congrats, Jay! Go ahead and shout it from the rooftops of the boogeysphere. If the so-con posse comes after you, there's plenty of us so-libs ready to saddle up and ride to yer rescue. I got a coupla lezziegals next door. They been there fer about 12 years so I been watchin' their kiddies grow up. They got a 16 year old girl and a 14 year old boy. Them kids is the nicest kids you'd ever wanna meet. Hardworkin', well-adjusted and they do good at school, too. BTW, I live in a teeny town and I'm sure these kids' classmates are all aware of their family situation. I suspect it'll be a little tougher fer you gay fellers but from what I can see, Canajuns is more tolerant than some wanna give 'em credit fer.


  • Jay: Congrats.. but dont spread that new too widely online,  you'll be having the So-con lunatics all over you otherwise.

  • Jay: 🙂

    Saskboy: Teleban. Brilliant

  • Jay

    Its obviously a conservative tv station. From what I saw on a new article about it, its full of sock puppets. Obviously CPC.

  • Jay

    For crying out loud Suzanne, can you make an even more ridiculous assertion ( Don't bother, I know you can).

    Not only do us leftys give birth but me and my husband will soon be adopting. Two men and a baby. How do you like that? I can get free handouts like you too.

  • Scott, it's possible you're right. Maybe the conservatives, libertarians and anarchists are just too busy working to make most of the babies. Someone has to actually pay for 'em. 😉

  • How about a station about schoolyard bullies.  That seems to fit the Tory description a bit better than anything else.

  • 🙄

    liberals and socialists have babies too Suzanne.. that's how to account for the 64-70% of the population that doesn't vote Conservative.

  • When I read the title to your post, I said to myself: we're the ones who HAVE babies.

  • 🙂

    I appreciate your hospitality here and your sense of fair play–and your sense of humour, Scott.

  • touche Ron. At least I beat you to it with my post 😉

    Hey.. we all need a little humour on here now and then, don't we?

  • Gee, when I saw the description noting that it was concerning ultra-dependent little folk that constantly require attention, supervision, support and care from someone else (as in nanny-state) I assumed it was for lefties…

    😉 right back atcha.

  • […] think the Teleban might have something to say about this TV for babies. How obscene is that? We already know that having children watch TV at a young age […]

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