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The fish rots from the head down.

This isn’t particularly surprising news:

Judging by the government’s first 18 months, the final say on any new agenda will lie with only one man Stephen Harper. Despite years of championing accountability and the importance of MPs’ independent voices, Harper has established an unprecedented one-man hold on Ottawa…The Prime Minister continues to be the government’s spokesperson on most issues. As they have for a year and a half, cabinet ministers remain largely in the background, forced to clear all important announcements with the PMO.

By being a one-man show, Harper might project he is a “strong” leader, but he also projects that the rest of his government is very weak. As much as I detest President Bush and his main strategist Karl Rove, there is one political strategy that Rove has employed over the years that might make sense to do up here – rather then attack a political opponent’s weakness, attack or discredit his perceived greatest strength and neutralize it.

I don’t propose that the dirty tricks Rove is apparently (in)famous for doing be applied here. But, I believe if the perceived strength of Harper being seen as a strong leader can be attacked and discredited, with his government being so dependent on him and his Cabinet Ministers being perceived as being nothing more then a group parroting Harper’s views, I think the house of cards would come down pretty quickly on this government and their hold on power.

Something to think about for certain other political party strategists.


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