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Through the Looking Glass

Iraq has been such a disaster since the US invaded it that its supporters of the Bush-led war desperately cling to any scrap of perceived good news they can find to continue justifying that somehow it isn’t a disaster. The latest attempt by some of its supporters up in Canada is to somehow suggest that because the Iraqi soccer team won a tournament, that justifies the whole invasion thing, never mind the list of appalling statistics that Zorpheous brings up – the Iraqi’s won the Asian Cup, so that cancels all the other bad news out! Oh, and pointing out the bad news means that you’re really just trying to serve your own ideological and political objectives. Apparently, there’s a special place in Hell for people telling the truth, according to them.

Unfortunately for the folks at SDA, that questionable assertion gets thrown out the window by the Iraqi soccer captain’s own statement that he can’t go back to Iraq because he fears for his life, and oh by the way, he publicly calls for the US to leave Iraq.

Welcome to the theater of the absurd that is the far right-wingosphere in Canada. I thought those clutching at straws over Iraq and not able to face reality were now limited to those wingnut sites in the US – but I’ve been proven wrong.


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