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My Day in the GTA for the Progressive Bloggers get-together.

In case you didnt know (you might not care, but hey, this is my blog. I can write about what I want on here) the Progressive Bloggers group held their 2nd annual get-together today in Unionville Ontario. Actually, that’s not quite true, as we are holding multiple events – one in Ottawa next week, and the BC folks were also trying to hold one today – but this is the 2nd year of our 3 years in existence where we’ve held blogger get-togethers to meet some of the folks in the large umbrella organization that is Progressive Bloggers.

My day started off getting to Toronto and meeting up with and getting to have some brunch with my friend Michelle Oliel of Michelle’s World. She couldn’t make the formal event, but I had some time to kill beforehand, and she miraculously did (a very busy young woman – just started articling this week). I’ve got to say if you’re ever in the Yorkville area, Flo’s is an excellent restaurant, with not bad pricing.

Once I took leave of Michelle, I managed to not get lost (well, thats not completely true. I had to place a couple of pleading text msgs to Michelle asking her where exactly I was – this after she pointed out where I had to walk to. It worked out in the end.), and I somehow got to Unionville where the event was being held and hosted by Vijay Sappani. He did an amazing job with the food and the drinks. . I was a bit unsure of attendance and how many we were going to get, but even with some last minute cancellations, we had a nice crew.

Some of the bloggers and guests who attended:

Myself (obviously), Jason Cherniak, “Impolitical”, “Buckets of Grewal” (they’d like to remain incognito), Mark Francis of “Section 15”, Philip Qua of “The Wingnuterer”, Gary from “The Polunatic”, Cam Holmstrom from “Peterborough Politics” along with his fiance Allison, Jeff Jedras from “A Bc’er in Toronto”, Steve V. from “Far and Wide”, Chris Tindal of the same named blog, Miranda Hussey from “A View From the Left” & her father Nigel who runs “Nobelton Clear”, David Graham from “The World According to CDLU”, and his wife Laura, Bruce McDonald of “Canuck Attitude”, Jim Calder of the “Progressive Right”, “BigCityLib”, Blueberry Pick’n from “ThisCanadian”, and a couple of special guests – Kate Holloway from Fair Vote Canada/Liberals For MMP, as well as Peggy Nash, NDP MP for Parkdale-Highpark, plus one of her staffers whose name fails me at the moment. I may be missing a couple of others, but once I get the photos of the event, that’ll be rectified once I post them and see who I missed.

It was a friendly get-together and I think a good time was had by all. I hope the Ottawa event goes just as swimmingly next week.


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