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Talking out of both sides of their mouth.

The Deceivin’ Stephen-led Conservatives sure do try to fool a lot of people with their double-speak on issues. Today’s recall of a HOC Committee to try to push human rights laws for First Nations is the latest example. First, the background:

The Tories want to extend human rights law to First Nations, but native leaders say they weren’t properly consulted and don’t have the cash to comply.

And now the Deceivin’ part – first this was obviously a PR stunt, because this recall of the Committee wasn’t going to amount to much right now anyhow.

Conservatives accused their rival MPs of delaying human rights for vulnerable native people. Opposition MPs assailed the government for staging what they called a calculated political stunt. Liberal, NDP and Bloc MPs stressed that even if they agreed to review the bill which they refused it could not go back to the House of Commons for third reading until business resumes in the fall.

Secondly, this appears to be nothing but false concern over the human rights issue, when they’ve just decided to press an appeal against a court decision that grants long-overdue rights to First Nations females:

Mary Eberts, a Toronto lawyer and human-rights specialist, says it’s a bit rich for Conservatives to cast themselves as native rights crusaders. This is the same government that’s appealing a recent court judgment in British Columbia that, she says, is a major victory for native women. The Conservatives announced earlier this month their intent to appeal a ruling in favour of Sharon McIvor. She successfully challenged part of the legal definition of a status Indian on the grounds that it discriminates against those who trace their aboriginal roots through female relatives rather than their father or grandfather. Thousands of people have been denied status and services as a result, Eberts says.

As mentioned elsewhere in Progressive and Liblogs blogging land, the Natives Affairs Minister Jim Prentice wasn’t even present at the Committee to make his case. This is nothing more then a propaganda attempt for the Tories to say the Opposition stonewalled the Conservatives professed concern over human rights for Natives, when they a) weren’t taking the First Nations concerns into account in the first place, and b) their court appeal of a decision that wins human rights for Native women shows they’re practicing Deceivin’ Stephen Tory doubletalk.


3 comments to Talking out of both sides of their mouth.

  • <p>Gee Wilson, where did I suggest in my piece it was about "getting the Liberals"? You didnt read the blogpiece very well, by the looks of it. If anything, this  was designed as an attempted broad attack on all 3 opposition parties, but it was poorly concealed.</p>
    <p>If you're going to go around trolling progressive and Liberal blogs Wilson, as is your style, I would suggest you at least read the article more closely so you at least present that you read the article and didnt just come to flame/troll the site regardless of what the specific article said.</p>

  • wilson61

    Political stunt, staged protest,  what ever you call it.
    Keeping Native concerns on the front pages, BETWEEN elections,  rather than 11th hour photo ops (and Libs aren't the only guilty party of this kind of fix)
    is an absolute must.

    Be critical of the tactics, I'll give you that;  but questioning their motives,  suggesting it is about 'getting the Liberals', 
    well…you guys just aren't that important, any more.

  • slg

    Actually, this is outragious – to waste taxpayer money like this when committee meetings had already been set up for September

    The more we see these clowns, the more convinced that they are not mature enough to be government.  They think it's a game and we are the men/women on the game board – pathetic.

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