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Harper’s principles.

Stephen Walkom in the Star this morning says that the only reason Harper decided to take a tour of Central and South America recently was for one reason only – Canadian business is interested in the countries he visited and he wants to help them make a profit down there:

The Colombian government is handing out oil concessions helter-skelter. Indeed, just a month before Harper’s visit, two Canadian firms were awarded additional contracts worth $19.1 million (U.S.) Canada’s Enbridge Inc. is operator and part-owner of a major Colombian pipeline. So it’s no wonder that Harper’s first stop was Colombia. The government of President Alvaro Uribe, accused by Amnesty International of supporting death squads, is deemed so unsavoury that even the U.S. Congress has refused to ink a trade deal with it. Not so Canada. Harper praised Uribe and promised a Canada-Colombia free trade pact.

Also mentioned was Chile, where not surprisingly, Harper said he thought Barrick Gold was acting “responsibly” with their plans to desecrate that country’s environment – which isn’t a surprise, since he’s allowing Canadian oil firms to do the same thing up here to Canada’s and the world’s environment, and could care less. Profit trumps environment in Harper’s view.

As for Haiti, it apparently has gold mining potential, and Canadian companies are the ones doing the prospecting (with business prospects apparently having dramatically improved since the democratically elected government was removed a few years ago, with Canada’s approval).

It would be easy to say as the article does that Harper is just going places to drum up business and could care less about what else is going on in those countries. Harper however has not done the same thing with countries he views as adversarial or those he ideologically disagrees with – China being the perfect example where there is plenty of potential for Canadian businesses. As I said not too long ago, Harper is following his American Idol’s trend of being critical of countries he ideologically disagrees with or views as a rival/adversary, and overlooking that same principle in countries he considers friendly.

Its called “selective outrage”.


2 comments to Harper’s principles.

  • ALW

    "Selective outrage" eh?  Not that you'd know anything about that. Heh.

  • I read that, too. He is not interested in the Haitian people, nor is he worried about the poverty down there, just for photo ops and and oil, ……pollution.

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