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Libel chill feature on CBC’s The National tonight.

I’ve been following this story as its developed. It was originally going to have been on this past Tuesday, but it is now on tonight between 10 and 11 pm. I’ll let Mark of Section 15 describe in his own words what its about (he’s one of those being interviewed by Leslie Mackinnon).

People and bloggers from every political persuasion should be interested in and indeed concerned about the outcome of this case.

UPDATE: Mark now tells me the CBC have bumped the feature. New airdate not known as of yet


5 comments to Libel chill feature on CBC’s The National tonight.

  • I did read the link and it didn't say anything about Mark being sued.

    Do you say "doh!" often?

  • Maybe because Kathy Shaidle and Kate Mcmillan aren’t the ones being sued for libel – while Mark is (among others)… which if you had bothered to click on the link you would have found out.

    Are you always this lazy, Aaron.. or do you just come here to troll and to flame without caring what the blogpiece you respond to actually says?

  • Who? Why would they interview him instead of a well known blogger like Kate McMillan or Kathy Shaidle?

  • Go Charter Go!

    I don't think we need to worry about American-style "libel chill" conspiracy theories here in Canada.

    After all, we are 100% protected by the biggest and strongest and justest piece of paper of all time, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

  • I just heard that it got bumped again. The next airdate is not yet known.

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