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You meet all types on the train; some aren’t very nice.

I arrived home tonight after house-sitting my folks house for a couple of weeks while they were on vacation. Nice to get out into the countryside for a bit, but internet dialup is a drag. Normally I have rather uneventful trips on the train when I return.. but unfortunately not tonight.

There was a guy and his 2 teenage daughters sitting in the 4 seaters at the front of the train. The guy was 39, his two daughters 18 and 16 (they were talking loud enough for me and everyone else who had no other choice to hear it). In the last half hour of the trip, this guy was going back and forth on the train trying to charm this one girl who was no older then his daughters, I’d say (much to his daughters’ disgust). As we were waiting to get off the train (he and his daughters also happenned to be getting off at the same stop I was), he made lewd remarks at another young girl who was 16, and then tried to claim he was only 21. His daughters again told him to shut up and apologized to the girl for their dad’s behaviour once they got in between him and her. He didnt even have the poor excuse of being drunk or under the influence; he was sober and knew what he was about.

I’ve not felt so disgusted by an individual or loathed someone so much as this guy and how he made me feel. I actually felt sorry for his 2 teenage kids, who were rough looking and rather uncouth, but after listening and hearing their Dad act the way he did, I guess they had a right to be uncouth.


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