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Stupid scammers

As some on here know, I use a Yahoo mail account when I’m away from home so I’m able to check my primary account as well as send people email if I need to. The downside to Yahoo email is that it gets a lot of spam and scam.

I got a rather amusing email today telling me that Yahoo Mail had held a contest and I’d won 400 thousand dollars. The kicker was the person who wrote me this wasnt even using a Yahoo mail account – which you’d figure the staff at Yahoo Mail would use to inform me of such a decision – but a HOTMAIL account from the UK; rather odd someone from Yahoo would use an MSN account to inform me, wouldn’t you say?

Needless to say, the email got deleted and not replied to. It infuriates me to see this go on in another sense, because while I’ve been at home house-sitting for my parents, the junk mail that we are collecting on behalf of our grandfather from all the people asking for money or claiming he’d won a prize if they’d send him his credit card # has filled a giant cardboard box. He had internet access for awhile, so I can only imagine what he got duped into doing as his mental faculties have slowly deteriorated. These people prey on the elderly and particularly ones who have developed senility or Alzheimer’s.


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  • I’ve long said that any party/government that would “solve” the spam problem, or at least address the issue in a meaningful way, would get my vote. There’s probably no way of doing this, but there SHOULD be! ?

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