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Harper on Cuba has some leeway.

I see a few blogs took shots yesterday (and today) at Harper’s refusal to go visit Cuba over the reason of a concern for human rights, while failing to mention the same for Columbia , and of course with his earlier references to China and Russia.

It’s easy to charge him with being inconsistent on this, as I have already done earlier a few blogposts ago, but at least with Cuba, Harper can argue with some validity that he is merely continuing a policy started by the Liberals. In 1998, Jean Chretien downgraded contacts with Cuba after Casto treated harshly some dissidents that Chretien had personally brought up asking Castro to ensure their human rights were respected better – this action taken and also advocated by the foreign minister of the time Lloyd Axworthy; hardly a right-wing ideologue.

So, in the case of Cuba, I’m not going to be as harsh on Harper about that public stance, even if in the overall picture of the past week it does look like a continuation of the inconsistency Harper has in this area of human rights and criticizing some while ignoring others. On Cuba, Harper can hide behind Chretien’s decision in order to mute the criticism of that particular stance.


5 comments to Harper on Cuba has some leeway.

  • Joseph

    I don't think cubas health care is better than Canada , but then thats me, proud Canadian, but I do know this, one can go to university in Cuba for free, even Canadians are there, we can't say the same here can we?
    If Cuba would go democratic, I am sure this will disapear, so which is better, capitalism, or comunism, for Cubans, only they have the right to choose.

  • Well actually I was not taking pot shots at Harper for not going to Cuba.You seem to have missed the point .

  • mushroom

    " in cuba healh care and education is the best in central and south america and better than mexico"

    Then this means that Cuba's health care and education system are second best in the Americas, maybe even better than Canada given the budget cutbacks.

    Sempre Fidel!!!!  Solidarity with Cuba!!!!

  • foottothefire

    It appears Prime Minister Owen Arthur did not share your sentiments regarding Steve's democracy lessons for Cuba, Columbia and Barbados.  PM Arthur found it necessary to correct Stevie and advise him the Caribbean has a different approach to Cuba.
    One would think an educated, sophisticated Canadian Prime Minister would be very much aware of and sensitive to, the position of those Caribbean governments position on Cuba (and China for that matter) and if that Canadian Prime Minister had any diplomatic skill to speak of he would avoid embarrassing his country with patronizing, condescending "teaching lessons" that offend an entire region and prompt gentle upbraidings by his 'superiors'…….would this be the same Prime Minister deserving of leeway?

  • Joseph

    this thing about cuba bashing, herpy is calling someone who is tied to right wing death squads friend and ally, no heath care to speak of, education is in chambles, so on, in cuba healh care and education is the best in central and south america and better than mexico, now if the castro regime would fall, what do you think would happen to these social programs???cuba would become just like nicaragua. though there is a human rights thing with cuba, there is also this problem and worse in our new ally, columbia. its like the bullshit in palenstine, do it our way even if it is harmfull otherwise we dont like you, another would be england and russia, the 4 diplomats kicked out from both sides, not many know that a chechen terrorist lives in london, who has the blood of women and children on his hands and england refuses to send him to moscow, why? like I said, our side is arrogant and beleives that we can do or say anything without praticing what we preach…..thats why no one listens to us anymore, and that so many governments in the third world are now looking at china and russia, and their policie of non intervention in the personal affairs or individual countries…and I must aggree. We are arrogant and it shows so well in the behavior of the herpy, and he is so unimportant that his visits are not reported in the media of the countries he visits, actually the u20fifa world cup is more important, I guess when one is the poodle shit of g w bush one is a clown.

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