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Stripping the lord of an award.

That is what the NDP want done with Lord Conrad Black and the Order of Canada that was awarded to him a few years back.  Personally, I don’t have a lot of sympathy for Black, and I don’t have a problem particularly with stripping him of that, as there is precedence for it, but I think its only proper til the appeals process runs its course and he loses all those before you initiate those proceedings – it would look rather silly if the Award was stripped only to have an appeals court declare Black innocent.


9 comments to Stripping the lord of an award.

  • "Black received the award in 1990 for his contributions to Canadian publishing."

    Of course, Scott, you are right.  As I was shocked to discover,  Conrad Black did in fact recieve that award.  God, I just wanted to retch after having found that out.

    I thought you must have been mistaken—I can't imagine that this totally  self-seeking ass would have recieved  any award related to his merit as a Canadian  citizen.

    I wonder what moron figured he deserved an award for his "contributions" to publishing.  On the other hand, maybe someone connected to one of the publications he took over nominated him.  

    He acted as a media monopolist to hobble and suppress a free press—a free press critical to a free society—and then told his editorial management in so many words that they had better tow the line with his views.  I believe he also shot off his big mouth about his opinion that Linda McQuaig ought to be, "horse whipped."

    The Order of Canada award bestowed on this fraud of a patriotic citizen, Conrad Black, only dimishes the award.  I'll bet the U.S prosecutors who seem about to make him see hard jail time are real impressed with his Lordship's Order of Canada award.

    I hope he rots a long time in prison.

    Glenn Fitzgerald.

  • Black received the award in 1990 for his contributions to Canadian publishing.

  • slg

    Have the NDP nothing else to do but play detective and try to find stuff to get people in trouble?  I was reading how they are trying desperately to find spending discrepancies of the Liberal party in BC to no avail.  Why don't they start acting like a political party instead this constant and neverending investigations and demands for investigations and demands for this and demands for that.  Why don't they come up with some policies instead of snooping, walking in protest marches, etc.  The NDP are a joke.

    I for one don't know when and why Black received the Order of Canada and probably should be stripped of it, but can't they wait until he's had his appeal?  I mean really, what's the hurry.  Paperwork takes a long time – so what.  Doesn't matter how long it takes.

    NDP have got to grow up and get out of the 70's.   

  • Conrad Black, the pompous ass that he is,  can rot in prison.

  • Hey guys, what has Conrad Black ever done for this country to warrant something like the, “Order of Canada?”

    We’re talking about Black the corporate raider here.

    This is also the same guy who worked to hobble a free press in this country through his attempts to monopolize the media and subject it to his own fake conservative values—the values of greed and raw power.

    No sane person who resides in this country and loves it to even the smallest degree would ever at any point have ever bestowed such an award on this completely self-seeking crook.

    He is one of the most repulsive citizens ever to hold citizenship here—right up there with the traitor David Frum (the Canadian guy who keeps telling the Americans that we’re terrorist sympathizers).

    I find the revelation that he possesses any such award utterly bizzare to the max. We must be living on Omicron 7, and I haven’t realized it yet.

    Glenn Fitzgerald.

  • Scott, I have come to know through your blog that you are an honourable and fair person. However, the day that Conrad Black renounced his Canadian citizenship and walked away from this nation and his own people, he morally lost the right to be a Member of the Order of Canada.

    He does not deserve it. His name on the roster of those women and men who have received it diminishes the order.

  • Note also that there are separate grounds for expulsion "if a person is convicted of a criminal offence, has been officially sanctioned, or has conducted themselves in a way that departs from public standards." Even if the criminal convictions get overturned on technicalities, Black's videotaped removal of evidence contrary to a court order should be enough for expulsion under the last branch – meaning that the proceedings are indeed long overdue even if the citizenship issue wasn't enough on its own.

  • I'm with the NDP on this one. Personally, I would have wanted to pull his Order of Canada when he disrespected Canada by trading in his Canadian Citizenship for a British Lordship. That would have been enough for me, but this is just icing on the turd cake.

  • But it takes a while.  We should start up the paperwork immediately.

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