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The Cons. install a suggestions box, but for Cons. staffers only.

You know you’re desperate for ideas when….

The Prime Minister’s Office is asking Conservative political workers on Parliament Hill to help draw up a long-term blueprint that could form the basis of new priorities for cabinet ministers and a possible fall Throne Speech…The memo was sent Wednesday by the policy and research division of the Prime Minister’s Office.

..but not so desperate that you’ll take ideas from your paid political staffers, but not the professionals in the civil service:

The memo explicitly states that the ideas come from political offices and not the bureaucracy.

Ah yes, the civil service (also known as “the bureaucracy” to the Conservatives; they like to use that term in a derogatory negative fashion when talking about Canada’s public servants) is full of Liberal moles and spies. 🙄 Why would we want to ask any of them whose job it is to come up with ideas a lot of the time?

Heck, since you apparently only want partisan friendly advice, why don’t you open up the suggestion box to the Blogging Tories? They have ideas of how to change Canada a mile a minute over that way (although seeing as Deceivin’ Stephen is trying to fool enough of the electorate to get his Holy Grail known as a majority, I doubt he or the PMO will want to try out any of the stuff they’re willing to suggest, no matter how much of it they agree with).

It is, as Steve says, pretty bad when you’re a year and a half into your mandate and already going to this extreme to find something else to do, but if the Tories would be so kind to open up their suggestions box to the rest of us, I’ll send in a suggestion – short and to the point:

Resign and call an election.

Ok.. so they aren’t allowed to do that anymore without opposition parties pulling the plug early, but I’m positive they’re more then capable of presenting repulsive or bad legislation/Budgets to ensure they get booted out.


8 comments to The Cons. install a suggestions box, but for Cons. staffers only.

  • Dionosaur

    JimBobby, did you just say that Harper gave into the treehugger and peacenik elements?   Well glory be. 

  • Whooee! Harpoon’s been pushin’ the limits with his supporters. He gave in to the treehuggers an’ now, he’s givin’ in to the peaceniks. He had to do somthing to make them queasy folks think they’re still callin’ the shots. Screwin’ a suggestion box to the wall is what he figgers’ll keep the faithful in line. It ain’t got a dang thing to do with gettin’ new ideas. It’s all about kissin’ CPoC members’ asses.


  • Slg

    I thought Harper was a leader – the leader is supposed to have a vision for the "future" not just for a few months.

    Either this is a "tactic" that he planned to have leaked so that people wouldn't think he's a control freak or the man just doesn't have it (vision).

    Harper had all those years in opposition to work on vision, plans, etc.  Did he waste them being angry and hateful and not productive?  Think about it – why was he so surprised the environment would be an issue when it's been an ongoing discussion for so many years – he attacked the Liberals for so-called doing nothing so he must have been aware.  Why would a leader get caught with his pants down on this issue besides being a denier?  Face it, he had years and years to develop policies.  Or, what his whole vision from the get go – the polls to get his beloved majority?

    There is absolutely no excuse for a man who considers himself a leader and who has had so many years in government as opposition and now government to run out of ideas – there is something terribly wrong here.

    He's not a leader obviously and he has NO vision and it's showing.  Governing isn't a 2 hour chess game – it's 24/7.   

  • L. emersonia

    I don’t understand this new tactic. Why aren’t the old Harper ideas good enough to dig, polish and set in the window? It’s not like Harper has accomplished at lot.

    What does he expect his rank&file can give him that Canadians have not?

    Suggestion box. Like a fast-food place. Like anyone really reads the submissions, like anyone really cares.

  • Jason: off-topic reply.. my email is working again.

  • Jason Bo Green

    Sorry to go off-topic but I hear your email is out of commission for the moment — did you see this yet….

    Bill O’Reilly tells Tony Snow sort of what I’d like to

    I can’t believe I’d ever see the day when I’d be cheering on Bill O’Reilly…. was he just fucking kidnapped by aliens and replaced with a clone imitator???

  • It's funny, really.  "We've run out of ideas, so let's see what some of our cronies have to say."  There is really two issues that lead to the same conclusion.  First, any government that truly believed in governing would have had a multi-year plan.  Harper believed he could only plan for one year then call an election and get more power based on that record.  Second, Harper has a lot of ideas.  Unfortunately, what Harper is looking for is winning ideas.  If he were to govern or campaign on his ideological positions this government would fall very quick.  It's all about power and not really governing.

  • janfromthebruce

    isn't creativity combined with conservative thinking an oxeymoron? I was just wondering…..

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