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The result of not imposing dogma on research

This is a very important discovery:

A landmark discovery by researchers at Hamilton’s McMaster University could radically alter the way scientists attempt to use embryonic stem cells to grow replacement tissues and treat cancer. The researchers found that human embryonic stem cells โ€“ “the great grandmothers” of all the other cells in our bodies โ€“ build themselves a nurturing cocoon that feeds them and directs their ability to turn into other types of tissues. By manipulating the products of this tiny, cellular placenta, it may be possible for scientists to prompt the stem cells to grow into desired tissues and organs, or to switch off tumour growth

By the way, this was helped funded by the federal Canadian Institutes of Health Research. If this had been in the USA, this likely would not have been funded by the federal government there, because of George Bush’s stubbornly vetoing any federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research. Ironically, by claiming to be saving life by not allowing research, he and his pro-life movement are inhibiting research that will save lives.

Fortunately, we haven’t progressed to that point up here yet, and we can see from the above story that the benefits of doing so are becoming more clear.


8 comments to The result of not imposing dogma on research

  • "Use of embryonic stem cells require the murder of a life"

    No, it requires the harvesting of cells.

    "As life occurs at conception,"

    No it doesn't.  At conception, cells begin dividing. It is no more a human than an acorn in the dirt is a tree.

    I think you should really define what you mean by 'life'. Are you simply saying 'not dead'? Or do you mean 'human life' or a 'person'? For a collection of cells that cannot survive on its own and does not have brain activity until after the 5th month of gestation?

    Is a virus alive?

    How far back should we go? Why stop at conception? Every time you masturbate you are 'killing' millions of potential humans. Every time a woman menstruates, potential humans are 'killed.' We can go back ad absurdum…

    "You are celebrating the possibility of someday, perhaps, maybe, being able to save a life through the death of another… I don't celebrate that one little bit."

    Unless those lives happen to be here and the deaths happen to be in Afghanistan or Iraq, then its just hunky-dory, eh? You are willing to sacrifice an already living person, who has a life and possibly a family and not a cell that may or may not every become a person (and in this particular instance, probably not because as others have stated, the cells are going to be frozen or destroyed anyway) because of your adherence to a particular religious belief that does not even have backing from the Bible (life does not begin until the 'quickening' – when the baby <i>draws its first breathe after being born</i>)

    Tell ya what, lets make it easy and voluntary – if you do not wish to take advantage of any medical breakthroughs based on embryonic stem cell research or based on the cells themselves because of your personal beliefs, you are perfectly free to do so. Since I and a great many others do not share your beliefs we are free to do otherwise. Do not try to force the rest of us to suffer in order to satisfy your particular and peculiar view of morality.

    Me, I look forward to not suffering through Parkinson's, MS, Altzhiemers or being paralyzed. You can choose any alternate path you want, just don't expect me and others to follow.

    For shame…shame on you thinking your idea and interpretation of 'morality' is superior to all others and that you somehow have the right to force it upon the rest of us. That is the act of a barbarian. Letting someone die of a treatable, curable disease because of your idiotic religious beliefs is immoral. At least give them the choice.

  • Scott,

    Your first poster is correct. The Assisted Human Reproduction Act of Canada has banned & criminalized almost all further stem cell research in this country but imposed bizarre non-scientifically based concepts.

    For example, MPs banned all cloning…only one problem they mixed up therapuetic cloning with reproductive cloning and simply banned both. Reproductive cloning is where I clone myself to make a mini-me, something that only exists in fiction. (Pointless to ban something that can never exist, but hey, let's all waste our time and freak out the press, *eyeroll*) Therapeutic cloning is where scientists clone embryos into replacement organs, nerve cells, etc. , for example, where I clone new myelin nerve cells to replace my broken myelin, and save someone who has MS.

    They have also banned us all from donating eggs and sperm to contribute to research, apparently we're smart enough to donate bone marrow, and legally able to consent to donate any organ for that matter, but even if I wanted to save the life of a relative by donating eggs to make them a genetically closely matched new organ, I can't…..stupid, stupid stupid. So even if a cure exists someday for MS or Alzheimer's any Doctor that tried to use it to save a life would be sent to jail for 10 years.

    Those frozen embryos? Useless for curing anyone because the donor must be closely related or have a similar gene pattern to the recipient. Frozen ones are also useless to research since the ones in storage are almost 75% chromosomally damaged, and could never progress beyond a few weeks or growth. (The reality of reproduction, most of the time when sperm meets egg, even in the youngest & healthiest of people, no pregnancy, no live baby.) Of the rest, some will not survive the thaw, and frankly most people want to keep their embryos and use them to have children.

    But not in Canada…researchers are already making plans to go back to the US, where private and state money is available to replace the federal money, and no laws exist.

    Say thanks to Martin & Harper and every MP who can't read a briefing note and passed this pile of crap into law anyway.

  • Oh Good Lord..  "  Christian "  how is your  Conscience    when it Comes To  Hiroshima  Nagasaki  and all Our "superior" weapons what is in   use in the last  hundred years>>>  

    You will say a few hail mary  for the dead???  Eh??? What a Hypocrate ..



  • Christian Conservative shrilly said:

    [quote comment="5764"] Use of embryonic stem cells require the murder of a life… I suppose you're fine with the various experiments of the Nazi doctors then? [/quote]

    I suppose you're fine then with the in-vitreo clinics throwing out and destroying all the extra and surplus embryos they aren't able to use?

    That's what they currently do in the US and continue to do while scientists are barred from using them by those who seek to impose their morality on others,  yet that's somehow better then science preventing them from being destroyed and using those lump of cells as research for possibly saving the lives or improving the lives of countless thousands?

    You and folk like you need to get your blinders off.

  • KC

    Christian Conservatives begged questions:

    1) An unfeeling, unknowing embryo is a "life" — certainly debatable.

    2)  The potential of stem cell research in curing serious serious conditions that people suffer with day after day is low and speculative — also debatable.  I would say false. 

  • Bailey

    McMaster also recently received $15 million from David Braley for their stem cell research centre.

  • This comment will generate some flames I'm sure, but that's fine by me…

    Use of embryonic stem cells require the murder of a life… I suppose you're fine with the various experiments of the Nazi doctors then?

    Morality is intrinsicly intertwined with this issue, and it seems that you still don't see that.  As life occurs at conception, morality dictates that we MUST exert every means by which to protect that life.

    You are celebrating the possibility of someday, perhaps, maybe, being able to save a life through the death of another… I don't celebrate that one little bit.

    For shame… shame on this nation for allowing this barbaric research to continue.

  • KC

    As much as I'd like to toot our own horn I remember reading somewhere that Canada actually had a quite restrictive policy on some aspect of stem cell research.  I dont have the time or the scientific understanding to explore further but I"ve heard that Canada's laws in the area leave something to be desired and do impose a certain amount of "dogma".

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