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Will Harper be consistent on human rights lecturing?

That’s a question, not a criticism – yet. He is about to visit 2 countries that have rather struggled with human rights recently; those being Haiti and Columbia.

In a news conference Wednesday morning, human rights and labour groups released an open letter to Harper asking him to raise a number of humanitarian issues when he meets with Colombian President Alvaro Uribe and Haitian President Rene Preval.

Amnesty International made a point of bringing up China and Russia, two countries that Harper went out of his way to mention his disapproval of their human rights records when he visited their leaders, and they said they were hopeful Harper would bring the same message to Columbia and Haiti. That will be interesting to watch, because those 2 countries Canada has a vested interest in – particularly Haiti.

If Harper does mention human rights concerns to them, I’ll give him his proper kudos if he’s willing to lecture countries we consider allies or partners, and not just countries we potentially consider adversaries. If he does not, then he’s being hypocritical over applying that “forceful tone” to one set of countries and not all, and will prove himself to be not any better then the US has been in turning a blind eye to its friends abuses while going out of their way to criticize their adversaries or unfriendly countries.


6 comments to Will Harper be consistent on human rights lecturing?

  • Scott is is spelled Colombia…. sorry

  • "That will be interesting to watch, because those 2 countries Canada has a vested interest in – particularly Haiti."

    In its attempt to help overthrow the democratically elected Aristide government in Haiti, didn't Canada (Paul Martin's doing) support the rebels' coup? Worse yet, weren't the rebels' leadership drawn from the former and mass murdering (cited by Human Rights organizations) ringleaders of the CIA based paramilitary organization, "FRAPPE," which conducted the first coup in 1992?

    Canada has absolutely nothing to be proud of and a lot to be ashamed about regarding its Haiti intervention. 

    So, any Harper lecture of human rights which cites Canada's Haiti involvement will become a defacto crude and rude farce which goes way beyond any absurdity which Kafka could imagine.
    But isn't it also true that Kafka's imagined worlds of absurdity stand as the best way to understand Canada's present political scene.

    Glenn Fitzgerald.

  • He won't so you don't need to worry about handing out bougets and kudos.

  • This is like apples and oranges!

    Harper is the only leader in the world that’s had the guts so far to confront the two world giants — China and Russia — over their bad human rights records. OH! the King of Sweden also said a few things to China at one of their G-8 meetings.

    The fact that China and Russia are hosting the Olympics (2008; 2014) gives the world’s leaders awesome leverage to bring up those issues – what I’d like to know is what are they all waiting for.

    It’s clear that the almighty dollar has taken first place over human rights, which in a way, also sends the message to China that it’s OK for the Communist Party to keep on killing Falun Gong for their organs, along with Christians and Uighyrs.

  • foottothefire

    PULEEZ!  KUDO"S TO HARPER?  Have you taken total leave of your senses man?  
    Steve is to human rights what the turd is to the punch bowl.  Human rights are just another stage to flog his faux 'accountability' from.  We're talking about the man that snubs the Canadian Charter of Rights, for Christ sake!The day his Fatuitiousness joins the rest of the world in acknowledging the existance of and committing relief to, Palestinians may be the day we can count that bag of shit as someone with an iota of concern for human rights. 

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