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Your dinosaur of the day

Ezra Levant made this statement today to earn him that honour, as well as continuing to show that of the Sun Media Chain, the Calgary Sun has the wackiest of the op-ed wingnuts writing for it.

I predict Ezra will go on tomorrow to proudly tell everyone he’s a member of the Flat-Earth Society, as well as disbelieving Galileo’s theory that the Earth actually rotates around the Sun.


5 comments to Your dinosaur of the day

  • Scary Conservative

    What was the hottest year in the last decade?

  • "Ezra Levant is my 'Rambo Lover'"  Hoohya!!

    Someday we're going to run off to the West Bank, put strip malls up on occupied Palestinian land, and have picnics by the Dead Sea with Rupert Murdoch.  

    Ann Coulter

  • paul

    He’s also a liable lawyer

  • The Mound of Sound

    Ezra Levant is a clown.   He may be a malicious, lying clown but he's a clown nonetheless.  

  • Not only does he not know anything about global warming, he doesn’t know anything about how carbon trading (“offsets”) markets work. It’s sad when cons can’t get their own talking points right.

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