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That Harper is a uniter, not a divider

Remember, this is the most unified Canada has ever been in 40 years, according to Deceivin’ Stephen… and to prove it, he goes and makes this type of a speech in Saskatchewan at a Conservative Party fundraiser after his unannounced visits to Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia behind those premiers backs:

Speaking before a crowd of about 400 supporters at a Conservative Party event in Kenaston, Sask., Harper called the NDP government “ungrateful.” “Saskatchewan is rapidly moving from being a have-not province to being a have province,” he said. “It’s not the government here — certainly not — it’s the people of Saskatchewan who are making this happen.”

Pretty unifying stuff, that.


6 comments to That Harper is a uniter, not a divider

  • Burlivespipe – I hope you are right although you seem to be talking more about the riding associations rather than MPs.  My fear is after seeing Garth Turner and Bill Casey turfed from caucus, people will be afraid to speak up.  Now in the case of Bill Casey, it was probably not unjustified since budgets are confidence votes and it is the case with pretty much every party to eject someone over this, but the fact Harper refused to consult his caucus before bringing down the budget is where I think the real problem lies.

  • Don't worry miles, the grumbling may be in private but its grumbling. We had the whole exec in my riding resign due to some nefarious deck shuffling to arrange a Harpor-approved candidate. While some returned, others are still furious. And I don't live in Anders riding.
    The goal of a majority is the threshhold; without it or positive signs towards that by winter, you'll see the seams to pop.

  • Thanks Scott for doing your usually good job at tracking the speeches of this accomplished con-artist.  But I can't anymore  get worked up by anything Harper says. There's nothing he might say that would be prove too idiotic or goofy to get my eyebrow raised.

    Glenn Fitzgerald.

  • Stephen Harper almost seems to act like a king at times wanting everyone to bow down to him and how dare anyone ever criticize or disagree with him.  My only surprise is that an open revolt against him hasn't started in his own party.  I guess that just says something about the people attracted to the Conservatives.

  • He's the prime minister, Arron, which means he should pull that perpetual wedgie out of his butt and realize he's got to work with people of all stripes. Point me to the quote where Martin, Chretien or even Trudeau virtually challenged a first minister to sue them – or even openly campaign against another? Hey, Harpor's track record is the opposite – people with AIDs/Aids workers? Snubbed. Premier of ONtario – snubbed. A handful of leaders from other countries (that have a lower profile than Crocodile Howard and Georgie Porgie – snubbed. It's a long list that this haircut called a PM has flipped the bird to (without any of the panache or charisma of PeT). I'm just surprised he didn't go on with what his complete spiel is… "Those 12 or so years of prosperity and debt reduction you've enjoyed during some other government's reign? Nope, they had nothing to do with it. Only You did, mr and mrs CONservative supporter." But Erron, you keep toeing the Harpor line. Pretty soon you'll see yourself as a dot on the water, with more than a few blue sharks circling that boat. Frankly, he's not only embarrassing, he's now a joke. He's setting so many fires that when finally people point to his own burning pants, Harpor will wet himself.

  • These anti-unifier posts are some of the goofiest I have yet to see from you. Is Harper supposed to ask the permission of the local premier before he visits any given province? Helllloooo, he’s the prime minister.

    Geez, a Conservative attacking an ND. Imagine that! Even less surprising given Calvert’s attacks on Harper in the past. But in your view, Calvert is a great unifier and Harper is a great divider.

    At least try to be thoughtful.

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