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Harper’s hissy fits continue.

Didn’t Deceivin’ Stephen say on Canada Day this is the most united as a country we ever have been in the past 40 years? It seems Harper’s definition of “most united” is different from the rest of us, because it sure seems strange in such a “united” atmosphere to make two spending announcements in two provinces without even bothering to tell their respective premiers that he was coming to make the announcements.

It’s also strange that if we’re so united why Harper still hasn’t held a First Ministers meeting yet between himself and the provinces – one of the longest times (if not the longest) we’ve had between a new Prime Minister winning an election and holding a First Minister’s meeting.

Actually, I’m being sarcastic – there’s nothing strange about it. Harper does not like being challenged, either publicly or privately, and he employs the “divide and conquer, if you’re not with us you’re against us” Bush strategy. He will try to pit province against province and region against region if in the end he feels it will give him that Holy Grail – the majority government. This is an obvious move to try and shore up support in these 2 provinces where his Conservative government has taken a beating, and by doing an end-around of the provincial governments. I don’t ever recall Pierre Trudeau even pulling a stunt like this, and he wasn’t regarded as the most provincial-friendly Prime Minister. Harper has one-upped him however in confrontational style, and needless confrontation.

UPDATE: More on Harper’s classless move here, here and here.

UPDATE 2: More here, where he claims the trip wasn’t secret, and here.


6 comments to Harper’s hissy fits continue.

  • If Harper is simply referring to those 30% of Canadians who are happy with the Conservatives, then he is right, but if he is referring to the other 70% who either dislike him or are indifferent, then he is dead wrong.  The reality is you don't unite a country by bullying those that don't support you, you unite it by reaching it to those with different views, something Harper has never understood.

    Besides I've always been a proud Canadian no matter who was in government and always will be and my patriotism will never be dependent on who is currently in government.  Canada is more than any one person, rather our country is a collection of 32 million people and the contributions we each make to it.

  • Calgary Junkie

    Yesterday, Nova Scotia Premier Rodney MacDonald appeared miffed by Harper’s visit, saying he knew nothing about it less than 24 hours before it was to begin. “If it’s good news for Nova Scotia, I’m quite surprised that I would not be aware,” he said in Bridgewater, N.S.


    “Prime Minister Stephen Harper is planning a visit to Nova Scotia this week, possibly arriving in Halifax on Wednesday.

    “That’s what I’ve understood,” Sasha Irving, communications director for Premier Rodney MacDonald, said Monday. “It’s supposed to be happening.”

    Ms. Irving said the Prime Minister’s Office provided few details about his possible trip to Nova Scotia, only notifying the province’s protocol office about it on Friday.

    “His advance people were here and security folks — as they always are ahead of a visit — and that’s all we know,” Ms. Irving said. “They’ll have more information by Tuesday when we get back to the office.”


  • Sig writes:

    "It's becoming a daily occurrence."

    You got that right. Criticism of Harper isn't even about ideology anymore. It's about incompetence.
    Glenn Fitzgerald

  • Slg

    Is this guy immature or what – not leadership material at all.  He shouldn't be "afraid" to talk to the premiers of provinces that disagree with him – they represent the people who voted them in.

    Each time I think I've heard the worst about Harper and his pettiness another incident comes up.

    It's becoming a daily occurrence.

  • Hi Scott. Great post!

    I’m far too cynical about Harper to really add anything or to find any real meaning in any criticisms anyone has to venture about our current PM, these days. And I strongly suspect many Canadians share my mindset. We’re just too fed up with him.

    But that’s my problem.

    He’s just too much of a total screw-up for me to respond to his latest shenanigans except through rolling my eyes up.

    PS: off topic slightly—but you do realize that Canadian supporters of this country’s involvement in? Afghanistan face Canadian detractors who can give very vigorous debate to the “con” side.

    Just thought I’d mention, that’s all.

  • Lord Kitchener's Own

    I think in Harper's world "most united" simply means Quebeckers don't want to separate as much (which I don't really entirely buy either, but it's clearly what he's trying to say).  If he manages to tick off pretty much everyone ELSE in the country, and set them at each other's throat's that's A OK in Stephen's book.  As long as Quebec is reasonably happy Harper considers us "united" no matter how loudly the other 76% of us scream.

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