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When is soon too soon?

I don’t know… doesn’t launching attack ads 99 days before the election seem a tad early? I don’t ask out of partisanship.. I’m just asking if the public consciousness will be affected by ads so long before an election.  The American electorate is used to this type of stuff – they have a year long election campaign. This is a different experience up here though. The first time through on a fixed election date, I’m not sure ads this early will be effective… or if they are.. that they’ll stay effective.


1 comment to When is soon too soon?

  • foottothefire

    I hope the ads continue.  They are having the right effect already and will contine to draw the deserved response.  I'd go so far as to say, the ads already stand ahead of the "Canada's New Government", thing, in terms of support.

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