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Canadian Embassy responds to emails: removes link to extreme right-wing blogger.

I saw this at Unrepentant Old Hippie, as well as elsewhere, and wanted to repost the response that the Canadian Embassy in Washington DC has been sending out to those of you who emailed into them complaining of their promoting a link with Wendy Sullivan, aka “RightGirl” who Dave at the Galloping Beaver first alerted everyone to the fact the Canadian Embassy was giving her props, when her derogatory and prejudicial posts on the First Nations shows she deserves no such thing. The Embassy must have received a bunch of complaints, because they have acted:

“Thank you for your email regarding a post made this week in the blog “Right Wing Girl” and the our article about the Canadian Angels website from a 2006 edition of the Connect2Canada newsletter. Our mention of Canadian Angels was made over a year ago. We have now removed that reference to the Canadian Angels site from the Connect2Canada website and newsletter and will not make future references to it. Thank you again for your message. We very much value the feedback of Connect2Canada members. Regards, Bernard Etzinger, Connect2Canada team, Canadian Embassy, Washington, DC”

I’d like to give props to Dave for starting this whole campaign and letting the Embassy know the type of stuff Rightgirl was publishing, and asking if they really want to be associated with that. I only played a small part in the whole thing, so credit goes to the people who decided not to let this go unchallenged. Props to all of you readers and the other blogs/bloggers for writing in as well. I think that its time we start exposing/publicizing these extremists rantings whenever we see them being interviewed on the MSM or other sites and start pointing out what these people publish or believe in, and ask those media or NGO’s or whoever it is  if they can justify giving these extremists continued mainstream exposure.


3 comments to Canadian Embassy responds to emails: removes link to extreme right-wing blogger.

  • It doesn't matter what her ethnic background is; a bigoted and prejudicial statement is a bigoted and prejudicial statement.   The Canadian Embassy  agrees.

  • Hmm lets see Wendy Sullivan qualifies for Native status, Micmac heritage. She has never applied for status based on principle.  Well you take it from there Scotty….

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