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Scraping the bottom of the rightwing blogging barrel

Well, as I (unfortunately) predicted, the First Nation’s National Day of Protest has brought the frothing rabid, hate-spewing right-wingers out of the woodwork. I hope all the news organizations out there who have used some of these folks before as “credible” people for commentary would either think twice about using them, or confront them about their hate-filled screeds and force them to defend themselves to the general public.

[email protected] 3:10pm: Seems Dave over at the Galloping Beaver has discovered one of the bloggers with the loathsome remarks I linked to has been getting lauded down at the Canadian Embassy in Washington for her efforts down there to do with an initiative “supporting the Canadian Troops”. That’s fine in of itself, but does the Canadian embassy really want someone who said about natives what Dave pointed out and which I did as well?

I’m with Dave: quote the relevant material that she spouted off about natives over, and ask the Canadian Embassy if they really want to be giving props to someone with views like that.


10 comments to Scraping the bottom of the rightwing blogging barrel

  • It doesn't matter what her heritage is – her statements arent made any less loathsome because of it.

  • Interesting: one of the hate-talkers, RightGirl or Girl on the Right or whatever her name is, is actually 1/4 Mikmac! So she is part native.

  • Mushroom,
    <<the grievances experienced by native peoples are no worse than others.>>
    I never said that.

    Guess what. 432 years of slavery is also part of my heritage.

    But I don't use it as a crutch.

    If I had special programs offered to me, like discount on taxes and tuition for school, I'm sure many of us would use those advantages. But we don't get anything. So we have to fight it out like "everyone else". There are a plethora of challenges. Historical disadvantages. Obstacles to surmount. There always will be. But we've been thru worse than this and we won't give up.

    Scott: no matter how the "polls" spin this issue, I have talked to Mr. and Madame Tout le Monde and that's not what I am hearing at all. And the LaPresse (?) poll is more in tune with what I am hearing than yours. Like I said before, you've got to recognize that the "small dead animals" of this world are not anomalies. There is a significant number of them. Dismissing them is not the answer. I think it makes them more angry, more determined, more venomous.

    [I can only hope that dialogue with all parties could be fruitful]

  • mushroom


    I am going to be honest with you.  I am surprised as a member of the visible minority, you feel that the grievances experienced by native peoples are no worse than others.  The truth, unfortunately, is that most of them is living with a past because their present and future have been stolen from them.  This theft, whether through capitalism or exploitation meant that they will have to cope with making means of a world that they realize has been taken from them and is growing progressively worse.

    So there you have it.  My neo-Trotskyist rant of the day.  It can be summarized this way.  We all chose to live in a capitalist economy based on production.  The natives in North America did not because the newcomers took everything from them and they are living in the squalor of our present and future.

    You also asked me if I believe in this rhetoric.  Well, it is what some natives who believe in the Fourth World have proposed.  I am just summarizing their points. 

  • I would disagree with some of that Rachel. From the polls I see.. lots of Canadians are very sympathetic to the natives plight.. and want something to be done to help them out.  I would assert the folks who love nothing more to do then paint Natives with stereotypes and prejudice (such as at Aaron's site) are in the distinct minority.

  • If you get past the hate-talk, I think some of them are trying to say that they feel some native groups have not taken advantage of the federal support they get that the rest of us don’t get, but pay for thru our taxes. There seems to be a level of frustration that past /current measures, altho expensive, haven’t worked.

    Of course, they use very hurtful words to say their message. I think its important to realize alot of canadians think the same way. Whatever policy Harpercrite comes up with, it should attempt to address all sides. But isn’t this wishful thinking anyways?

  • Posting derogatory remarks is interesting reading, Aaron?

    Seeing as you guys basically post the same crap as they do, that statement coming from you is not surprising.

  • At least they're interesting.

  • Good for you. I've updated the post over at my place. Let's get a blogburst going.

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