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Paint the town blue

Well, it seems that is isn’t just a couple of bloggers noticing the surprising prevalence of blue at this year’s Canada Day celebrations; some in the media are starting to notice it as well.

Its hinted at in the media piece that military symbols are going to be highly noticeable at this event – which isn’t a shocker, given that Harper tries his hardest to convey he supports Canadian troops and no one else apparently does. We’re also told from Justin’s site that according to his information, for the first time ever, there will be a “VIP” tent set up so that Harper can receive guests.

Hey, I support having a constitutional monarchy in Canada, but I thought if someone should be acting like royalty, it should be the Queen, or even her representative, the Governor-General – not the Prime Minister of Canada.


9 comments to Paint the town blue

  • kent

    this blue shit is messed up,y represent the usa on canada's b-day of all day's? its her day,and her b-day,so lets all wear RED AND WHITE,not blue.and this shirt i just saw was the most repulsing thing ive ever seen.
    its an american flag shirt done only in red and white,and insted of white stars its red maple now were discracing our flag too??

  • File it under "Much Ado About Nothing" methinks.  

  • arly

    add a few stars and stephen (helmut head) Harper will feel right at home.

  • I stand corrected. Still doesn’t bother me that much though.

  • billg

    I believe that the stage was blue in 2000 or 2001, and again when Martin was PM….I'm just going by memory, any ways, jeezus guys…who cares??  Go out and play and enjoy the weekend, its Canada Day long weekend…leave the petty stuff until Tuesday.

  • janfromthebruce

    The completely blue colour of the stage and plus on the backdrop of the sign with Canada on it, bothers me a great deal. I am most definitely not a liberal.  Everybody knows that on Canada Day, the official colours are red and white, so Harper really needs to get a life, and quit ramming tory blue down our collective throats. They are acting juvenile and show that they are thumbing their noses at Canadians.
    Thank you Scott for providing a history of how our Canadian flag was REALLY chosen and ditto for the colours red and white.

  • red, white and now…… blue.  where  have i heard that before?

  • Not true, Joseph. Red and white have been the official colours of Canada since the 1920’s. and the maple leaf seen as a symbol of Canada farther then that.

    Indeed, if Lester Pearson had his choice of flag, it would have been two bars of blue with 3 red maple leafs in the middle. So the “widely believed fact” is nothing more then untrue myth perpetuated by a few radical right wing nutbars such as Ezra Levant.

    Read more at my BlogsCanada piece in 2005 exposing that myth here

  • This doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it would (the colour scheme at least.) It’s a ‘widely believed fact’ that the current Canadian flag was chosen because it mirrored the Liberal colours; and turnabout is fair play in politics.

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