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Support for Afghanistan mission dropping in other NATO countries.

The Pew Project released a poll that measured public attitudes in 47 countries on a variety of topics. The one that caught my eye was the attitude toward the Afghanistan mission. According to the Pew poll, majorities in 7 of the 12 NATO countries want troops out of Afghanistan “as soon as possible”. In Canada and Germany, a plurality (49%) are advocating immediate removal. Only in the US and Britain are majorities in favour of maintaining troops in Afghanistan, and even there, the numbers are only 50-42 to stay. The Czech republic appears to be divided, with 45% advocating removal now.

I thought since some media pundits on the right are blaming the Canadian population for not being resolute enough to follow the mission through till we win (whenever that might be) or have been parroting the Prime Minister in criticizing the opposition parties for undercutting the troops, it might be enlightening to show Canada isn’t the only country which believes things can’t go on like they have been in Afghanistan. Is that a sign that they’re all weak-kneed too?


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