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Dion in the top 10 of green politicians in the world

This was a nice thing to see yesterday. – an environmental website/news site based out of Seattle, published a list of The Top 15 Green Politicians in the world. Stephane Dion came in ranked #10 on the list – ahead of Angela Merkel and Barbara Boxer.

No sign of where John Baird or Stephen Harper placed in their rankings. I suspect if there was a list of Top 15 Anti-Green politicians, both would make the Top 10 of that rather easily.


4 comments to Dion in the top 10 of green politicians in the world

  • foottothefire

    We had quite the environmental industry going up until Harper pulled the rug out from under them.  I recall the incredulity expressed by Canadian executives at Hapers stupidity.  I wonder how that industry is fairing now or has it been swallowed up by the USA like the robotics industry was when Harper also gutted it? 

  • cool.  but 'most' isn't enough, is it?  Canada doesn't need a 'sorta' solution.  We need a sustainable, green economy.  It isn't a WishList, its a moral perogative & we're failing because the Canadian Conservative Party doesn't have the cojones to get the job done & properly.  Konservative Korporate supporters win with the status quo, its up to CANADIAN VOTERS to make sure that the status quo is no longer tolerated.Its OUR country, not theirs.  But luckily, we're in the right space to get it done. We have Harper in a minority government.  Its up to GREEN Canadians to let them know its time to start cribbing notes from Al Gore if they can't figure it out themselves.

  • I am amazed how slow it is for the Cons to pick up on this..oops..they are all over at the Globe and Mail running down the item about the schools in Ontario to be be shown..”an Inconvenient Truth” On subject….Good for Dion, far better than Harper or Baird!!!!

  • They certainly showed week research missing Elizabeth May, and using Cherniak as the source for unbiased information on Dion.  It reads as a press release rather than research , Worthless!!!!!

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