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My parents would be ashamed (if they knew anything about blogs).

Online Dating

Shockingly, I somehow have come up with a RESTRICTED rating on my blog.

Apparently sex (8x) and gay (1x) were the reason why.. though I can be darned if I can find “sex” 8 times on my blog.. unless its to do with “same-sex marriage”.

Guess I’ll need to pray extra hard at Church this Sunday for forgiveness.

UPDATE: Not surprisingly, Progressive Bloggers also got a restricted rating… but thats not my fault.. all my filthy mouthed aggregates are to blame for that. Key words to get that rating?

gay (5x) crack (3x) assholes (2x) hell (1x)

Filthy progressives….

UPDATE 2: Well, now I don’t feel so bad. I put in James Bow’s Blogging Alliance of Non-Partisan Canadians, and they got this:

Online Dating

Key bad words? gay (5x) dangerous (3x) pain (2x) suicide (1x)

Those who wish to not morally corrupt their children should steer clear of those filthy disgusting non-partisans Laughing

UPDATE 3: Here’s what my blogroll over at the side got rated:

A Liberal In DC – General Audiences. Accidental Deliberations – General. BlogsCanada Egroup – General. Bound By Gravity– General. Calgary Grit – General. Cherniak On Politics – PG 13. DemocraticSPACE – PG. Fuddle-Duddle – Restricted. Geek Goddess Blog – General. Geek Goddess TV – General. Idealistic Pragmatist – General. liberal Catnip – Restricted. Michelle’s World – General. POGGE – General. Rational Reasons – Restricted. Section 15 – PG. Stageleft – General. TDH Strategies – General. The Next Agenda – General


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