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Harper’s harping and more whitewashing

Shorter Stephen Harper: There is a bureaucratic conspiracy going on against me and my government.

More shorter Stephen Harper: I’m going on a public relations tour in the North in an effort to invoke patriotism and try to get people to forget about the environment and Afghanistan.

Shorter Canadian military: We don’t really want to know whether Afghan detainees were tortured or not after we handed them over. We just want to whitewash the whole affair and try to forget it ever happened.

UPDATE: I see The Jurist is in short-form mode on this Monday morning as well.


2 comments to Harper’s harping and more whitewashing

  • Gayle

    Re: the foreign policy. I know someone who is VERY highly placed in the foreign service. The biggest problem is that Harper is not taking the advice of the people who have studied, researched and participated in this field over the past several decades.

    It is all well and good to have a party position on foreign policy, but you need to take the advice of the people who know what they are doing.

    I suppose it never occurred to him that the liberal position was based on this advice, rather than on their own political agenda.

  • KC

    I thought Harper was just in the North like a year ago.  I mean we are always happy to be recognized up here but come on.  We have a combined population in the Territories of ~100,000!

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