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June 30th Blogstravaganza

James Bow, the well known blogger who is the head of the Blogging Alliance of Non-Partisan Canadians, is also an author, and next Saturday, June 30th, he and fellow blogger Bob Tarantino are going to be doing a dual book launch and blog gathering in Toronto. James will be launching his second novel, “Fathom Five”, a young adult fantasy that’s a sequel to “The Unwritten Girl”, and Bob Tarantino will be promoting his book called “Under Arrest: Canadian Laws You Won’t Believe”.

The book launchings themselves will take place at Nicholas Hoare Booksellers, 45 Front Street East, just west of Church Street, and then across the street at the Flatiron and Firkin. Following the event, as many bloggers as possible are invited to cross the street to the Flatiron and Firkin for food, drink and camaraderie.

It takes place Saturday, June 30 at 2 p.m.; pub visit at 4 p.m. The best of luck to James and Bob.
(There is a Facebook group here where you can announce your intention of showing up)


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